Super Mario Galaxy 2: The Afterstory

OJ Toad

Heres The Beginning of A New Series:

Super Mario Galaxy: The Afterstory

There was a time in the Mushroom Kingdom where Mario and the Gang went through galaxies trying to save Peach from Bowser. That time recently has past. But who knows, it may return.

It was a beautiful sunrise at The Plumber's House. Mario woke to the quick wetness of Yoshi licking his face. Recently, Mario and his brother had been traveling through space, to save Peach from Bowser. After the Princess was saved, Lubba had decided to stay with the plumbers as backup, or for emergencies. Mario glanced at Lubba, sleeping peacefully in the corner, Then the Plumber turned his head to see his brother, Luigi, sleeping like a rock in his Green PJs. Mario was dressed like usual, His classic shirt and overalls. The only difference was his hat lying on the floor next to his nightstand. He went over to Luigi and shook him violently. "Wake Up, Bro!" could be heard throughout the house. Yoshi was now running into the room. "Can we go to the beach Uncle Mario? please?" Mario sighed and Luigi put on his swim trunks. "Gotta get ready pretty early to go there before it's crowded" reminded Luigi. "And we also need to see if there is any trouble!

Oh no! thought Mario. What if Peach is in danger?

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