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Phinneas Pendlecoat

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It's that time of year again folks, and with the eight anniversary we get a new Hiveswap trailer.

There's also a post from the creative director of the game:
Act 1 Update

Hey everyone, Cohen here, creative director and head writer for Hiveswap. Hopefully you’re reading this after watching the new trailer. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it. If you have watched it, go watch it again. It doesn’t cost anything, and, more importantly, no one can stop you.

OK, now you’re back. Wow. Wasn’t that dynamite? I agree.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick rundown on the status of Hiveswap: Act 1. We’re very, very excited about

THE GAME: The game is good, folks. It’s gorgeous, and fun, and the music is outstanding, and people say it’s pretty funny, too? We’ll see! All that’s thanks to

THE TEAM: We’ve got a great team full of outrageously skilled people, and over the next few weeks we’re going to be talking to them here about the work they’ve done for Hiveswap: Act 1. If you’ve wondered, possibly aloud, possibly at length, about why we haven’t done more of that before, it’s because they’ve been too busy doing all that work! Busy, busy bees with no time for chatter.

It’s a practice that is potentially frustrating for fans, though, which is why we’re going to be parting the curtain a little more. Because, of course, what you really want at this moment is for me to

SAY MORE ABOUT THE GAME, IDIOT: Right! So, the game is nearly done. It’s taken us a while, but we’re committed to bringing you the game you deserve, even if it means delivering it later than you deserved it. Some things take longer to implement or polish than we anticipate, but our intent is not to mislead you. I promise. We want to keep you in the loop as much as we can.

But…it’s a difficult juggling act for us. We’re trying to make a game that is fun, funny, and beautiful, and we haven’t compromised on quality in order to get it out quicker. On the other hand, we DO want to talk to you about how it’s going! On yet a third hand (or maybe back to the first hand, now hidden behind my back), we’re also committed to not spoiling every mystery the game has before you actually get to play it. These interviews we’ll be doing are our way of striking the balance between these three hands (possibly two hands, with one in flux).

The next time you hear a release date from us, it’ll be because the game is about to launch. In the meantime, we thank you, one last time, for your continued patience and understanding.
-The game is 'gorgeous, and fun, and the music is outstanding'
-WP Studios are going to be more transparent in the future
-The game is nearly done, again
-They will be doing interviews with staff in the future
-Release date will be announced relatively close to the release, presumably 6/12 for meme numbers

So, it looks sorta promising, which is good. And as I typed that last bit, a new MSPA newspost came up. Check it.


Artisanal Cheese Taster
kickstarter backers got a humblebundle link for 5 songs from the "grubbles LP" or whatever

it seems neat so far, pm me if you want a link

Phinneas Pendlecoat

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this is weird but pretty cool i guess

from what i can tell, mspa has been ported over to, with flashes converted to html5 and making homestuck completely mobile-friendly now

i assume this is the product of homestuck being acquired by viz media, so actual professional lads are fixing everything up for a wider appeal and modern look, etc

also every flash has been officially uploaded to youtube, uhh they improved the search function, uhh homestuck in 2018

viz corporate overlords are the absolute madmen

Big Smoke

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I know, right? They totally got Dave's weapon abstratus wrong.

Phinneas Pendlecoat

Core 'Shroom Staff
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more strange announcements coming through, bolding the big reveals

first of, newspost. couple of people may have seen me freaking out about the apparent purging of hiveswap's development team, what pumpkin games. musicians, programmers, artists and the director were all suddenly looking for work. this seems to be all fine? hiveswap is still in production, with acts 2-4 still on their way, but probably under actual direction from hussie and viz media.

second thing- viz media acquired the homestuck franchise some time ago. this originally seemed like hussie selling out, but what they've done with the new website shows that they are leagues above whatever wpg or hussie himself would do. they're actually responding to feedback, removing pop-up ads, promising to reupload the flash videos in HD, and uploading ryanquest when a fan noticed it hadn't been ported over.

third thing- hussie's new game

this seems to be a smaller side project to hiveswap, written by hussie himself. its a dating sim, basically, and its meant to expand on the characters and setting of the main games. its going to be on steam soon for $0.99, and after that they'll be releasing further dlc characters so you can pick and choose who you want to date

say what you want about this new stuff, but honestly this is the most amount of (good) news we've gotten since homestuck ended

Phinneas Pendlecoat

Core 'Shroom Staff
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new volume?

this seems to be a full album by the old music team, with new songs and old ones that never made it into any previous albums

how cool, how nice, how relevant

also the friendsim games are pretty good, my top picks are volumes 1, 3 and 4

Super Mario

I'm a big Homestuck fan, haven't been following it too closely for a while but I saw this thread and I'm pleasantly surprised by the new stuff you're sharing Mole Knight. Keep it up.

Phinneas Pendlecoat

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so this popped up

looks like some sort of official ARG, current findings:
*gross sbahj comic about sweet bro giving birth
*details about the b2 universe history, including confirmation that obama is jake's descendant (finally)
*10 year countdown ending on 4/13
*a zip file containing several photos of wizards

idk what the co-ords mean lol

Phinneas Pendlecoat

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1 week till epilogue :joeyHype:

not that many specifics have been revealed, apart from that it is an epilogue and that it has vriska. hiveswap will also get some more details then but suddenly everyone stopped caring about hiveswap when homestuck showed its ugly head again

honestly after hussie reaches closure with this i just hope he can find another project he can be excited about without being bogged down by expectations and funding

Phinneas Pendlecoat

Core 'Shroom Staff
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here it is, the prologue of the epilogue

its refreshingly nice actually, glad to see what seems to be a regular schedule from now on. i missed out on the whole update culture so looking forward to what this will end up being

edit: its really good. love the ao3 parody and the quality of writing. havent been this excited for years

Phinneas Pendlecoat

Core 'Shroom Staff
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i just finished everything, both epilogues and postscripts

this is.. honestly really good bros. fixed all the problems i had with mid-late homestuck, turned the ultimate self concept into something interesting, is actually conclusive while still giving a lot of stuff to chew on.

meat was super heavy hitting and candy had the classic hs vibe despite the stakes. or the steaks. whatever theyre both great stories

if i had to recommend a reading order it'd be meat 1-25 -> candy 1-finish -> meat 25-finish


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The epilogues were alright, still not as good as Act 4 or A5A2, but nothing can really top those. Homestuck's glory days are over, and I just have to accept that, I guess.