Quickie-la's art/music dump thread.


Hello, Mario Wikiers. Incase you are not aware, I'm Mason's sister.

Here's a track I've finally finished for a co-op RPG my brother and I may be working on in the future.

If you'd like to keep up with my videogame-esque tracks, you can be updated on my page at http://reverbnation.com/zanaavaea

Also a piece of art I did in a trade for my friend of another forum, Niko. It's a sharpie drawing of her fancharacter.
Warning for blood.



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twinArmageddons said:
Can't you just use the img code to show us the pictures?
She only linked to one picture, which had a blood warning, and there's no "img code" for the songs she made. They had to be linked to.

Can't you just read? If not, get out.



My apologies, as he said, the picture has gore, and the music can't really be embedded(that I'm aware of.)

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I enjoyed the music! Well made.


Thank you muchly everyone. And I just randomly drew the box ghost from Danny Phantom... I might color it or something eventually.


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Another Danneh Phantom fan? o:. Cool. Btw I took a peek at yer' work and it's super awesome. Hats off to you, Quickeh. :].