Super Mario: The Bob-omb Comeback!

OJ Toad

I'm thinking of a game idea starring Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and some new baddies! I'm gonna make a book series and im gonna send a game idea to nintendo!

So this is the game start:

Super Mario 64 Music Playing and something (1st person view) is coming to the Mushroom kingdom. In side the castle, Mario and Luigi hear a crash outside Peache's Castle. They run out side and yoshi stumbles off the roof to follow them. They run to a huge box. The box crashes open and a big Bob-omb tank comes out. Mario and Luigi defeat the tank with bob-ombs that fly out. They then find a old bob-omb painting on the ground and they fall in while bowser is off trying to find peach. Can they get through the world of bombs and new bad guys before its too late?

Mario & Luigi with, the help of Yoshi will go through levels as they try not to blow up i this explosive world. SMBC introduces new characters, including the new Stomp-Chomp, a rare Crunching and Munching Enemy!

Like it? Thumbs up or Thumbs Down?


Celestial Guide
Looks nice but main thing is that nintendo never use our ideas, instead we get what we are given.