ATTN:FireEveee and Toxbox


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I've noticed that you guys have been fighting a lot. When ever I look at the "If you click here you must post here thread" I see you guys fighting. Come on guys, I know they may have upset you once or twice, but I don't want people arguing. What we really don't need is a flame war, and that's exactly what's happening. Can you guys please apologize?


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I said that to him and he didn't listen

He apologized to me by PM long time ago but we are still fighting

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I dunno, I think it's funny. ToxBox sounds resilient enough to deal with FireEevee so I don't see what the problem is. Random hate is funny to me.

If it's against the rules, then yeah, it should stop. But otherwise I don't have a problem with it.


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if you guys want this fight to be over.

I'll stop.

mark my words.

toxbox, I am sorry for being huge bitch to you.

also you can call me her/she, I don't mind as long as I have Vriska in my profile.


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Hey guys I'm going to fight with that lamp post over there!


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Just don't fight, it makes the Forums look fucked up, and new people should think "Fuck it, bad community!".


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twinArmageddons said:
I suppose an auspistice is in order.
I am glad this was done before the ignore user thing was introduced.

also this should be locked, problem solved.


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Koopa Kid said:
just asking, what's an auspistice?
Auspistice/Ashen Quadrant ♣

An auspistice (derived from the terms auspice and armistice) is a "facilitator" of some sort between two others, mediating interactions between them and keeping their relationship functional. Eridan said that he and Vriska would likely become kismesis if Kanaya did not intervene and auspistice for them, which hints at the relationship between the two mediated parties being similar to, but distinct from, a kismesis relationship. Without auspistices, widespread black infidelity is guaranteed. It is one of the two conciliatory relationships, the more platonic ones, the other being moirallegiance. Auspistice's quadrant is known as the ashen quadrant.

Auspistice is a portmanteau of "auspicious" (fortunate, promising) and "armistice" (truce.) It may be analogous to the ancient Greek concept of αγάπη (agápē), or "selfless love," since the auspistice doesn't get anything out of this directly.