Storm Yoshi

Cyclone Microsoft, it'll make your windows crash
Crystalking and I are making a comic if you would like to particapate put down your name in this topic.
story line

me and crystalking both just bought pets from (comic posistion here) the pets were chain chomps. we met up (2 comic posistios here with) when the chain chomps started to rampage and then I say thanks alot crystal king. then some one comes in then the chainchomps attack him he goes flying the chainchomps get taken away by a wiki monitor(hopefully xzellion) me and crystalking go back to our houses
comic positions are

*people me and ck talk to
*person getting knocked away
*wiki monitor(probably xzellion)
yeah probably people running away,person calling for wiki monitor, more people getting knocked X_Xetc.
that will be only part of the comic, we should add other parts too so that everyone doesn't have to deal w/ us as the main characters and being knocked around by chainchomps :lol:
yeah ok

we'll have 3 more people buying pet chainchomps


I bet you chaosningi wants one of those posistions
ok! what part do you want?

what part do you want?
A person who appears in the comic for Comic Relief.
Could I buy a Mummiepokey baby please?
go here^
if anyone want to sign up here istead of this topic
and to see people who are going to be in it
Thanks. Could I look anything like Mr. L please?

Good enough for ya?

An eve n better idea is if you make it a series! This could be for who wants to be in the comic SERIES!

Also, Here's just an idea...

You two are buying rhe chomps. In the que I am infront of you. You ask if you can go infront. I turn around. I ask if we can be pals. You say yes....
ok....your a main character now......but could you get more sprites?