The Official Plants vs. Zombies Thread


Go! Magnezone!
Talk about all Plants vs Zombies related things here! Plants you have, records, how big your Wisdom Tree is, that stuff.

So for me,

My Wisdom Tree is 1100 feet.

My Survival Endless record is 150 flags.

I unlocked everything including the Yeti Zombie.
I remember when Steam updated it to the GOTY edition, and made a new achievement for finishing all the minigames that didn't trigger if you'd already done them. That was annoying.
I don't have an Itouch, so my oldest bro bought it for me on the DS.

I haven't played in awhile, so maybe I should.
YES!! We finally have a thread for this! I beat the game in the DS version, and am working on the second go-around. I really don't care for the wisdom tree; it's trivia is, well, trivial, and fertilizer for it is super expensive.