Most anti-climatic movie moments.

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Title says it all. In this thread, you post any moment in any movie where something epicly awesome is about to take place...then the exact opposite happens.

Turtles Forever
The Utrom Shredder's armor gets hit by the Technodrome's laser leaving a huge hole in his side. Having discovered the only thing that can actually damage him, the other characters try to force him into the laser beam. However, Bebop and Rocksteady are watching from inside the Technodrome and they try to help the Utrom Shredder, which they do when one of them trips over a cable pulling a plug out of it's socket, turning the laser off. The Utrmo Shredder then picks up the Mirage Turtles and literally squeezes the life out of them, but gets hit by exploding throwing stars which inflicts enough damage to at least make the Utrom Shredder let go of the Mirage Turtles. The Utrom Shredder is still confident he'll still win, until he gets vaporized by the Technodrome's laser. Turns out Bebop and Rocksteady plugged it back in. The. main. villain. was. defeated. by. accident.

Phineas and Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension
After Phineas hits a home run at the satellite dish controlling the Norm bots, the robots are all shut down and fall out of the sky. It looks like the day is saved, until Alternate Doofenshmirtz reveals one last surprise, he's piloting a giant robot that looks like him and is about to finish off Phineas, Ferb, and Perry, until Regular Doofenshmirtz shouts "Hey, you!" which is enough to distract Alternate Doofenshmirtz. Regular Doofenshmirtz states that he has something for Alternate Doofenshmirtz and reaches into his lab coat and pulls out...a toy train. A toy train that looks just like the one Alternate Doofenshmirtz lost as a child (which is what caused him to turn evil) and gives it to him. Alternate Doofenshmirtz then apoligizes and wonders what he was thinking with taking over the tri-state area and self-destructs his own robots and returns to his own dimension. The loss of a toy is what turned Alternate Doofenshmirtz into a mad scientist evil dictator and after being given someone else's look-alike toy is what makes him give up his evil ways.

So what are some of the most anti-climatic movie moments you guys have seen?
For some amusing uses of this trope, Monty Python and The Holy Grail and The Big Lebowski are two movies that are built on hilarious anti-climaxes. Nothing actually happens in those films, particularly the latter.
I know Breaking Dawn isn't out yet (hopefully there will be some sort of "accident" and will never be released) but apparently the "climax" is when a whole bunch of vampires gather in a field and talk about a kid, then leave. No fighting or death.
In the Spoeebob Squarepants Movie when Patrick and Spongebob are about to sing the Goofy Gober song and be beaten up they hold their breath and then another fish sings it instead and gets beaten up.That was funny.