Shine Sprite
I saw this at IGN and all I have is one question...
Is Nintendo going to be their?


Nintendo 3DS Developer
It's Gamescom, and Nintendo has 2 stands.
Gamescom actually starts today, so I'll watch and see.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
Watch what?
They only have a stand in the Business Area, and a stand in the Exhibition Area.
They usually never give any Press Conferences on 3rd Party Events, since they usually organize their own ones.
I mean, it also took Nintendo many years to take E3 seriously.

Or do you mean, what stands?
Hall 5.2, A030/B030 and B040 (Press Only).
Hall 8.1, A020 and B020/A021 (For everyone).

It was fun in Hall 5.2, both Dutch and Belgian PR's were glad to see us; they simply love us.