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Okay I did this when I was 10 years old, so yes it's not the greatest drawing talent in the world, but I drew this on a sheet of wood and my dad cut it out with a saw for me. It's my very own wooden Gary Oak bust :) :) :)

EDIT: I'll also be adding more Gary art on here :)

Okay everyone, I have decided I want to do a group picture with those who sign up for it. I can either draw you in real life, or as your character. You can choose. Just let me know if you want in!

This will be fun, right?

Sign-Up Sheet:
1. NintendoQueen [me]
2. Packy
3. Galactic Petey
4. Pokemon Trainer Red
5. SuperPaperFan
6. Lily
7. New Super Mario
8. YoshiGo99
9. Mason
10. Nabber
11. OJ Toad
12. Toad85
13. '3K
14. Master Crash
Re: Wooden Gary Oak

It reminds be to this:
Re: Wooden Gary Oak

Yeah I know I'm double posting here, I guess I'm just trying to show my Gary to the Mario Wiki world here! I have a TON of Gary Oak fan art, and I may make a topic about it like I did with my Pokemon drawings.
Re: Arielle's Gary Oak Fan Art

Alright everyone, here I have added some more of my Gary drawings from the past and present!
First up: A Gary Oak I drew when I was 10 (My first Gary I was proud of, I even awarded myself quadruple gold ribbons on my drawing)
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This reminds me to Shin Chan.
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Lol, oh trust me there are more random drawings I have here stashed in my room! I'd say he is my most drawn character EVER. You can never have enough!
Re: Arielle's Gary Oak Fan Art

Really good, I might have to post my entire flipnote page to see lots of Lily cartoons, Links and Noodle's.