Reward or things from Club Nintendo have you got?


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I just ordered Giant AR card with ? card and Mario card and Mario collection pins

I have Mario 3 posters, calendar and SMG2 screensaver


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Nintendo of Europe: Lots of Wii Points.
Nintendo of America: Nothing; they won't ship to Europe.
Nintendo of Japan: Same as America.


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Just like I said.
I also find it funny that NoE uses Stars, NoA uses Coins, and NoJ uses Points.


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I purchased a Points Card for the 3DS using some stars. I also got 3D Classics Kid Icarus free because I registered two of a few selected games.

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That's what I call hamburgers
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I got Mario vs Donkey Kong (Minis march again i think) Super Mario Kart and that 3D classic game :posh:
I have the Mario Posters, the Mario throughout the ages screen savers, two of the gold reward calenders for this year and last, and I ordered the Mushroom bag for my mom's birthday.