Count to 100 with a twist.

Got to love those counting games, right?

Well, I haven't seen THIS one out yet. We count to 100, very simple. The twist: We minus the max number the next time around. Once we count to 100, we start back at 1 and count up to 99. Then we go back to 1 and count to 98, then 97, then 96...all the way to 1 being the final number to count to. Winner - the one who counted the final 1 - will get a special surprise.

Got it? I'll start us off.


Cycle 1 Winner: MCS
Cycle 2 Winner: Cirdec
Cycle 3 Winner: DF
Cycle 4 Winner: Cirdec
Cycle 5 Winner: White Lightning
Cycle 6 Winner: TBD
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