Mario Dubstep

Hey, no double posting
Not that big a fan of dubstep, honestly. I did find the one in the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta trailer catchy.
Koopayoshi said:
Yoshiwalker said:
You just got pwned, KY.
Hey, I'm enforcing the rules

Notice how his double post was after 3 days.

I listened to the song, and it sounds great! Short, but great. I feel bad for making fun of dubstep now. Ending was funny too.

The bump confused me though, I wanted to chew out Koopakid.
Yeah. It's a dubstep style rhythm, 4/4 tempo with the snare on both the second and fourth hit. I threw in some :mario: sound effects, and a higher pitched wobble and bitcrushed the percussion to get that 8 bit feel. Thanks for listening guys!!