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Storm Yoshi

Cyclone Microsoft, it'll make your windows crash
Okay so this is what happens, one user will say 2 different characters and another user will say who won that battle and how..... for example Pihrana Plant V.S Goomba winner Pihrana Plant: goomba attemps to attack but misses, pihrana plant goes in warp pipe sneaks behind goomba and eats him.

Battle 1 : Mario V.S Bowser(Classic Battle)

P.S Team Battles accepted.
Mario, because he jumped upon a cliff and threw fireballs at him, and Bowser couldn't reach Mario. When Bowser was burnt enough, Mario would just punch him a few times, and then victory lololomg i is teh winnar

L33t Hamm3r Broz. vs Fracktail
Fracktail, because he swallowed L33t Hamm3r broz. hole

Monty Mole v.s Boo
Ninji's mask falls over his eyes, causing to fall in a bottomless pit.

Weird Al vs. Mario
Luigi and Mr. L cause a demensional rift, causing the WORLD 2 ASPLODE

Snowman vs. a hairdrier
:smug:'s awesomeness destroys :waluigi:

A nuke vs. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (yes, that is a real word)

It takes so long to pronouncs the nuke ASPLODES

You and your sister
Tie, they both asplode at the same time.

Me vs. a well-trained ninja
Disney, they make a Waluigi musical and videogame series and Waluigi dies.

English or 1337(leet)