Create your own RPG enemies and bosses!

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Quite a simple topic. Just make your own RPG enemies or boss fights. You can take an enemy that already exists but hasn't appeared in an RPG yet and make them RPG enemies, or you can create an entirely new enemy of your own.

Please be sure to include the following information:

Series (Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi, or an entirley new RPG):
Any other info you deem necessary:

Anyway here's my first enemy:
Name: Casino Guy
Series: Mario and Luigi
HP: 50
Attack: Random
Defense: 0
Speed: 77
Expericence: 777
Coins: Equal to amount of damage Mario and Luigi took.

Appearance: Yellow Shy Guys with bow ties.

Attacks: Their attacks include rolling a dice block, whatever number comes up is multiplied by 5 inflicting that much damage on Mario and Luigi. They can also flip a coin. If heads, they attack Mario, if tails, they attack Luigi, there's also a roulette wheel with the numbers 5-30 in multiples of 5 and whatever number the wheel stops on is how much damage both Bros. take.

Strategy: No real strategy for them since they have no specific strengths or weaknesses. Just keep attacking them until they're gone.

I kind of already created them in the "Make your own Mario character" thread, and before anybody tells me "Just post them in that thread!", that thread is for creating your own Mario characters in general, this thread is specifically for RPG enemies as you have to include the info I already stated above for these enemies.

Anyway, enjoy!


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Name: Hypno Toad
Series: Mario and Luigi
HP: 175
Power: 120
Defense: 150
Speed: 25

Hypnosis = 40% chance of giving a sleep status
Flop = Hypno Toad lunges himself at Mario or Luigi
Self-Hypnosis = Hypno Toad falls asleep, healing 3/4 health. Chances of waking up start at 30% and go up 10% each turn.
Snore = When Hypno Toad is asleep, it does minimum damage to all players

Experience: 500
Coins: 70

Appearance/Personality: A Toad psychologist who went crazy after having so many clients, defaulting on hypnosis as the only solution for every problem. He wears green suit and yellow bow-tie.
Strategy: He will attack the player with the lowest HP or Defense thinking that the hypnosis will help

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^ Wow, that's rather creative. Bad Toads for the win.

Name: Armored Bowser
Series: Paper Mario
HP: 75
Attack: 4 (debris), 6 (flame breath)
Defense:: 5, 2 (if you attack him from above)
Speed: None (Paper Mario doesn't have a speed stat :P)

Attacks: Bowser has tow attacks he can use. The first one is jumping and when he lands, some debris frmot he ceiling will fall on both Mario and the current partner. His second attack is his fire breath which does more damage, but only hits the character in front.

Experience: 30 star points.

Coins: None

Appearance: Bowser wearing a Koopatrol suit, except for the mask.

Strategy: Since Bowser's not wearing a Koopatrol mask to cover his face, your best bet is to attack his head via jumping. It's best not too use items as they'll inflict minimal damage with the armor protecting him. That' it really. The key to winning is patience and healing yourself when the need arises.