How do you earn your way to a Moderator?

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I know that being a mod requires resposibilties ect., but how do earn that title? On the wiki to be a sysop it's making alot of good edits and being active, but how do you become a mod?


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The Administrators will make you a Moderator when they want to.
Rating your style of posting, the chances are very low for you. (No offense.)


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Usually if you ask to be a mod (almost anywhere) you'll never become a mod. It destroys or greatly damages your chances in an instant.

I don't see why a lot of people desire to be mods. When you're a mod you have a lot of responsibilities and the other admins need to trust you. It would become YOUR time-consuming job to make sure people don't break rules, and to only punish those who do.


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↑ True!
This is the way how it works on every single Forum, you have to be chosen, not request it.
We also had one person on the old CW-Games Forums ( in 2004-2008), keeping up to become a Moderator, because he wanted to be one 'freaking badly'.
All of us were just reading his posts, took some popcorn, and laugh.
However, this turned out to be annoying, so he ended up being banned.


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I was looking for this already, as I'm sure I saw this before.
I couldn't find that thread (I was looking for "FAQ", instead of "Frequently Asked Questions").


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Figment said:
This question was actually answered in the "STOP! Frequently Asked Questions" thread. Here's a quote from the thread to respond to this:

Can I become a moderator?
We'll come to you if we feel we're in need of your service.
This. Locked.
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