The Zelda Timeline


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Here we go, every once in a while, this shows up on a forum, so why not here. I've got no absolute idea, but I can make a VERY rough guess at it. This is for the split timeline, or whatever it's called.
Adult Timeline: Skyward Sword-Ocarina of Time-A Link to The Past-Seasons/Ages-The Wind Waker-Phantom Hourglass-Link's Awakening-Spirit Tracks (End)

Child Timeline: Skyward Sword-Ocarina of Time-Majora's Mask-Twilight Princess-The Minish Cap-Four Swords-Four Swords Adventures-Zelda 1-Zelda 2(End)

It's my thought, but just post yours here. Besides, Timelines are stupid anyway.
I don't know much about the Zelda series, but I'm guessing each version of Link is from a different version of Hyrule/universe. Didn't Mei Ling say something like they're from different lands/eras in Brawl?

So, it might be more so a "spaceline" rather than a timeline.
I usually consider Minish Cap to be at the beginning. Never gave it much thought past that though.
Toon Link was a Child to me. Twilight Princess is an Adult game.
Got this from Miyamoto's desk.

Along with that Microsoft keyboard?
Well, that's either the "master timeline" they have locked up, or ideas for the next Zelda game.
The book has "タイムライン" written on it, which means "Time Line".
The Zelda timeline... So epic and complex, maybe one day we might have a crossover in the timeline!