Shows that adults watch that you love

-The Office
-The Next Food Network Star
-Amazing Race
-The Soup
- The Office
- Sh*t my Dad Says
- Desperate Housewives
- MLP-FiM (adults WATCH this.)
- Gary Unmarried
- Law & Order: SVU.
well, I guess I'm an adult, so idk if my say in this counts, BUT WHATEVER.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner
Trauma: Life in the ER
Untold Stories of the ER
Strange Sex
Through the Wormhole

Pretty much any science show on tv. I guess I could flip this around and say that I love watching pokemon ;D

I mean, it's a sitcom, so it's not like it's an adult show as in lots of swearing or innuendos.
But it does have its inappropriate moments.