Paper Lario!

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I made this when I was bored.....

Because I am not on it. >_>
(just kidding, it's actually pretty good)
Uniju said:
Dry Bones said:
It looks like I waisted those 3 hours :cry:

I figured you were just gonna say "yup".

I still think it's good DB.
yep, I needed to find a box for Nintendo 64(1 hour, that was VERY hard, I was looking in ALL the wrong places :P ), delete everthing exept the side of the box (20 min), find sprites(10 min), asemble Bowser (40 mins, I went through alot of poses) ,recolor sprites (20 min), make the box (about 30 min).

There you have it!
Now do the back. >_>
Snack said:
It not that good... And every single partner character you put on the boxart is more deserving of a game than Lario is in my opinion.

Pretty much, I"m one of those guys that your bro hates

EDIT: Also you only have to change one letter!
FAB! I only have paint 2. REAL hard.