Brawl FCs


Donkey Kong
Feel free to post your Brawl FC here (and your Wii code as well if you wish to send data to each other).

My Brawl FC is 2922-0252-9636. My nickname is MCS.

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If it hasn't been posted in for 4 months, and you were just bumping it to do that, they why the hell does it matter?


Donkey Kong
Wii Remote Plus said:
Gengar said:
This should be on the SSBB matches topic.
Sorry for bumping, but he's wrong. This is the right board.
Yeah, that's what I don't understand. You got angered at one noob that bumped a thread (and when you made that comment, you were bumping it yourself) and now, you're bumping threads.

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I just wanted to say that this is the right topic.