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Title says it all.

Please be sure to include the following information (anything bold is optional)

Type (if no specific type is used, tell us what kind of Pokemon are used)
Trainer's Pokemon
Gym Leader's Pokemon
Anything else you feel is necessary

Here's mine:
Name: Nintendo Gym

Type: All 17 types

Puzzle: There's 6 floors. The first 4 floors have 4 trainers. The last 2 floors have one trainer each. (The trainer with the dark-type pokemon is on the 5th floor by his/herself while the Leader is on the top floor). In order to reach the Gym Leader, you must beat all the other 17 trainers in any order you choose. However, there are two ice-trainers who will challenge you to a double battle (refrence to the Ice Climbers).

Trainer's Pokemon: Each trainer has a Pokemon of one of the 17 types (no dual types, except for one of the ice-trainers ). Also, each trainer has a name referring to a Nintendo character.

Gym Leader's Pokemon: The gym leader's pokemon will be the same as the ones the other trainers used against you, however you won't know which 6 out of the 17 he will choose.

Badge: The Nintendo Badge (A yellow star with 5 points with the Nintendo symbol on it.) All Pokemon up to LV 70 will obey you. It also raises your Pokemon's Special Attack and Special Defense.

Well, that's about it for my first idea. I'll post the trainer's Pokemon later.

Mario Super Sluggers

The Baby Fan
Type: Dark
Gym Leader's Pokemon: Rotates between Weavile, Tyranitar, Sharpedo, Shiftry, Houndoom, Spiritomb, Honchkrow and Drapion. The three not used will be random.

Badge: Rotation Badge. Allows you to use Surf outside of battle.


King Bowser
Type: Water
Gym Leader: Walter :posh:
Badge: Poseidon
TM: Scald
Pokemon: Swampert Empoleon Samurott Rotom (wash) Kingdra Jellicent (female)
Puzzle edited: Again you will need to change the water's level but you will also need to move around some platforms to make bridges by using buttons.
Trainers: Mostly Sailors, Tubers, and Swimmers. The Swimmers and Tubers can float on the water so they can move around with the water's level (this is part of the puzzle too.) The trainers will have any of these Pokemon: Marshtomp, Prinplup, Dewott, Quagsire, Azumarill, and the Lotad family line.

The gym is located in a resort on a tropical island.

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Interesting ideas.

Anyway, here's the Pokemon that are used for my 17 type gym.

Fire: Torkoal
Water: Octillery
Grass: Luxray
Psychic: Gardevoir
Ice: Glalie and Froslass
Dragon: Haxorus
Dark: Absol
Normal: Snorlax
Fighting Primeape
Flying Staraptor
Poison Weezing
Ground: Dugtrio
Rock: Sudowoodo
Bug: Accelgor
Ghost: Banette
Steel: Klingklang

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Pandapowah said:
Type: Water
Puzzle: The gym's puzzle is similar to the water temple from zelda. You will need to change the water's level while looking for buttons that will open doors.
I think Crasher Wake already did that in Diamond/Pearl.


King Bowser
Dr. Javelin said:
Pandapowah said:
Type: Water
Puzzle: The gym's puzzle is similar to the water temple from zelda. You will need to change the water's level while looking for buttons that will open doors.
I think Crasher Wake already did that in Diamond/Pearl.
LOL yeah I noticed that just after typing it. I'll probably edit mine.


Power Star
Type: Ghost & Physcic
Gym Leader: Booyoiks :P (horribe, right?)
Trainers: 4
Trainer's Pokemon: Reunicuis (somethin' like that), Cofa guris, Musharana, Chandelure
Gym Leader's Pokemon: Chandelure, Cofa guris, Victini (olololol)
Puzzle: Collect 5 "Matches" scattered around a maze. 4 are kept by trainers. Then, light the five candels with the Matches to progress to the leader.
Badge: Haunt Badge
HM: Flash
TM: Hex

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
I'm going to design my own sprite eventually, but for now:

Doctor Bolt is a Gym Leader who eventually becomes an Elite Four member after you beat him. His Gym is fairly early in the game.

Unova Gym (replace Elesa)
Type: Electric
Leader: Doctor Bolt
Trainers: 4
Trainer's Pokemon: Emolga, Blitzle
Gym Leader's Pokemon: Tynamo, Joltik, and Emolga
Puzzle: There are Van De Graaff generators behind the trainers and when you touch one, it launches a bolt of lightning into the ceiling. After you defeat all four trainers, the bolts of lightning combine to open the door to Doc Bolt.
Badge: Flash Badge
HM: This is Unova, you don't have to have badges to use HMs.
TM: Charge Beam

Unova Elite Four (replace Shauntal)
Type: Electric
Elite Four: Doctor Bolt
Elite Four's Pokemon: Zebstrika, Galvantula, Eelektross, Emolga
Second time: Jolteon, Magnezone, Electivire, Eelektross, Ampharos, Galvantula
Room:You enter on a thundercloud, which lowers you down onto the Elite Four's area. Doc Bolt enters in a flash of lightning and thunder.


King Bowser
On Unova, I think you only need HM Cut to finish the game and you only use it once. :D I may be wrong.

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Type: Dark

Puzzle: There are various rooms, each with a moving spotlight you have to make it across the room without getting caught by the spotlight. If you get caught by the spotlight, you'll be challenged to a battle. Afterwards, you can continue on.

Trainer's Pokemon:
Trainer #1: Murkrow and Honchkrow
Trainer #2: Sableye
Trainer #3: Sneasel and Weavile
Trainer #4: Cacturne and Crawdaunt

Leader's Pokemon:
1. Umbreon
2. Sharpedo
3. Skuntank
4. Scrafty

Badge: Stealth Badge, looks like a black circle with a red outline. Raises your Pokemon's speed.


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Raphael said:
Interesting ideas.

Anyway, here's the Pokemon that are used for my 17 type gym.

Grass: Luxray
Luxray is a Electric type.

Name vince
Type - ice
Puzzle it is a gauntlet of 10 ice type ace trainers. however the gym leader battle has a's an inverse battle against ice type pokemon and ice is the best type in inverse battles. the gym leader is the only inverse battle meaning it is a surprise. also if you lose against any trainer you have to battle them all again, the same is true of you leave.
Trainer's Pokemon
trainer 1 - Lvl 50 froslass-lvl 51 alolan ninetails
trainer 2 - Lvl 54 abomasnow
trainer 3- Lvl 52 mamoswine-lvl 52 beartic
trainer 4 - Lvl 50 avalugg - Lvl 50 cloyster
trainer 5 - Lvl 53 cryoganal- Lvl 51 dewgong- Lvl 53 eiscue
trainer 6 - Lvl 52 frosmoth- Lvl 54 vaniluxe
trainer 7 - Lvl 56 walrein
trainer 8 - lvl 53 Mr rime- lvl 54 auroras
trainer 9- lvl 51 glaie- lvl 55 froslass
trainer 10- lvl 50 glaceon-lvl 51 weavile- lv 52 beartic- lvl 55 abomasnow

Gym Leader's Pokemon
lvl60 glaceon(hail,auroura veil,hidden power grass, weather ball) expert belt - snow cloak
lvl 61 froslass (hail, destiny bond, blizzard, hex) rocky Helmet -snow cloak
lvl 62 lapras (ancient power, hail, ice beam, psychic) leftovers - shell armor
lvl 63 auroras (light screen, reflect, freeze dry, ancient power) heavy duty boots - snow warning
lvl 64 cloyster (shell smash, icicle spear, razor shell, ice shard) white herb - skill link
lvl 65 weavile (fake out,brick break, ice shard, shadow claw) rocky helmet - pressure
Badge the frozen badge


The name's Matz Lunne!
Name: Pokapy Gym
Type: Varies
Puzzle: Gauntlet of 17 trainers, each one with a different type Pokémon. (Chosen randomly)
Fire: Lv 57 Typhlosion
Water: Lv 56 Greninja
Grass: Lv 58 Lilligant
Electric: Lv 57 Ampharos
Psychic: Lv 58 Gardevoir
Ice: Lv 56 Dewgong
Dragon: Lv 58 Dragonite
Dark: Lv 57 Houndoom
Normal: Lv 60 Furret
Fighting: Lv 56 Machamp
Ghost: Lv 58 Mismagius
Flying: Lv 57 Gyarados
Steel: Lv 56 Steelix
Ground: Lv 58 Hippowdon
Bug: Lv 57 Galvantula
Poison: Lv 56 Gengar
Rock: Lv 56 Gigalith
Gym Leader’s Pokémon:
Lv 69 Banette
Lv 69 Arcanine
Lv 69 Salamance
Lv 69 Deciduye
Lv 69 Alolan Raichu
Lv 72 Lucario
Reward: Pokapi Badge
Name: Herba Gym
Type: Grass
Gym Leader: Leader Leafy
Puzzle: Consists of a massive bridge with Grass type pokemon (let's say a bunch of Chespins and Quilladins) standing on poles on each side. They will fire attacks, so you must think ahead and try plan a route through. There are pillars you can hide behind to deflect attacks, but every pillar has a trainer. There are 10 trainers for 10 pillars.
Trainer Pokemon: Lv 35 Furret, Lv 33 Lilligant and Lv 34 Tangrant
Gym Leader Pokemon: Lv 40 Chesnaught, Lv 39 Furret, Lv 37 Greninja, Lv 38 Lilligant and Lv 41 Tangrant
Badge: The Herba Badge
Name: RockHard City Gym
Type: Rock
Gym Leader: Drane
Puzzle: You must fight off three wild geodudes to prove your strength. there levels will be between 5 and 10.
Then you may access the battle with the gym leader.
Gym Leader Pokemon: Crustle, LV 8 Omastar, LV 10
Badge: RockHard Badge
(This is the first gym for the game)
Name: Inferno City Gym
Type: Fire
Gym leader: Flare
Puzzle: Find a way to SURF across the lava that is stopping you from progressing. (By now you can use SURF outside of battle.)
Trainer 1 Pokemon: Camerupt, LV 13
Trainer 2 Pokemon: Magcargo, LV 9 Flareon, LV 12 Ninetales, LV 15
Gym Leader pokemon: Chandelure, LV 12 Ninetales, LV 13 Emboar, LV 18 Delphox, LV 19 Incineroar, LV 21
Badge: Volcano badge
(I'm doing the gyms in order, boi)
Gym Leader name: Kylian
Type: Ghost
8th Gym
Location: Hammerlocke (In Galar)
Puzzle: same as ghost-type trail in Gen 7 Games
Kylian’s Pokémon:
Spiritomb level 49 - Shadow Ball, Curse, Sucker Punch and Nasty Plot
Cursola level 50 - Power Gem, Night Shade, Strength Sap and Hex
Runerigus level 50 - Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Brutal Swing and Slam
Trevenant level 51 - Wood Hammer, Phantom Force, Will-O-Wisp and Hex
Dusknoir level 52 - Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Shadow Punch and Shadow Ball
Gengar (gigantamax) level 53 - Payback, Toxic, Shadow Ball and Curse
Badge Name: Shadow Badge
First Speech: Oh, hello. You took a picture of all our Pokémon? I must say.. pretty impressive. But there is no way you can defeat me and my ghosts!
Last Pokemon Speech: Just my Gengar left? This doesn’t mean I give up! I can still win!
Gmax Speech: Gengar! Allow yourself to Gigantamax and change form and strength!
Victory Speech: Our spirits are just too much for you to handle!
Defeat Speech: I expected nothing less from a trainer with such power!
Giving Badge Speech: You earned it! (Trainer name), you deserve this Shadow Badge!
Mine will be a type gauntlet (all 18 types) of two Pokémon of each type

Normal - Snorlax and Furret
Fire - Centiskorch and Magmortar
Grass - Tropius and Roserade
Water - Poliwrath and Seismatoad
Rock - Barbaracle and Golem
Bug - Scolipede and Scizor
Fighting - Pangoro and Machamp
Flying - Pelipper and Corviknight
Poison - Crobat and Drapion
Ground - Dugtrio and Palossand
Ghost - Spiritomb and Cofagrigus
Steel - Klinklang and Aggron
Electric - Eelektross and Electivire
Psychic - Claydol and Alakazam
Ice - Galarian Darmanitan and Vanilluxe
Dragon - Noivern and Garchomp
Dark - Houndoom and Honchkrow
Fairy - Gardevoir and Alcremie