Favorite DS Game


King Bowser
Well, you know by the title. What's your favorite DS game?

Mine is probably Super Mario 64 DS, but The Simpsons or Mario & Sonic might change my mind.

I loved Partners in Time, but it's gotten kinda boring since I beat it...

My favorite is probably Metroid Prime: Pinball.
Mine's a tie: MVSDK2 or NSMB.
I changed my mind. My favorite's got to be either Meteos or Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2.

P.S. Super Mario 64 DS ruined Dorry.
Wario: Master of Disguise
My favorite DS game?

1: Pokémon Diamond (my brother has Pokémon Pearl)
2: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
3: Club House Games

All three are FTW! =3 I would go to fourth and fifth, but, I'm lazy. XP
Uniju said:
DK Jungle Climber.
Oh my God no. That game sucks. And you might think that that's just my opinion, but since my opinion's always right, it is fact. Therefore, your opinion sucks and is wrong, Bowser Jr. sucks lol and Galaxy boxart is phail. Period.
... How's that for an impersonation?
That's the answer I was hoping for.
Two manly shirtless guy ATTACK AGGRESIVELY Contra 4's my favorite DS game.
It varies. Right now it's Phantom Hourglass.