Koopa Troopa
I was looking on ebay and... I spotted somthing a little unusual. It looked like a DS with a really thick bottom part and it said it was a portable SNES. I am guessing you can put cartrages inside the bottom. What is this and does anyone have one> :koopa:

Ive never seen this machine before! :luigi:
I think this is 3rd party product that Nintendo didn't make this object and I never heard of it about this SNES/DS
Seems fun, because you cant really bring a snes game around with you without bringing a TV whereever you go, and a gamesystem, and be near an outlet LOLOL
Boozer said:
First of all, don't do that.

Next, it's an unofficial thing that some fan cobbled together. They do it for the Gamecube too.
They also did that with N64, NES, and a lot more consoles, turning into handhelds.
I may actualy get one, because some games are only for NES, or SNES.
This object could damage your game card or it will not work, buy NES or SNES at Wii virtual console
Or make your own portable SNES?
You see, there is a handheld compatible with SNES games. Here it is.

(It hasn't been released yet, though.)