Is there a way to find out my sister's password. She might want to come back on, but he e-mail that was with he account, is currently closed. (She's Home-Dawg on these forums) I was thinking, could someone send me her password, to my e-mail? I'm not sure who to ask, so I'll ask here


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How many siblings do you have and why can't you just PM and ask an admin to send the password to HER email?

EDIT: Whatever her current email may be. Just explain the situation.


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Admins can't see passwords.
The only way is through phpMyAdmin, but that's encrypted.
It's better to PM Porple Home-Dawg's new email address, and her desired password.


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Any of us admins can change her password to something new so that she can get in.


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That's what I said.
Admins can reset passwords, but not see them.


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>>Herr Shyguy
Forgot about your sis, darling?
I only said Porple, because usually the Administrators have full rights, but on this Forum, that's the "In charge of the Forum" group.
What I've heard from '3K, Admins being able to assign groups, but not assign their rights, made me not sure about this case.