Big Site vs Personal Blog: What's the difference?


Nintendo 3DS Developer
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You know news sites like IGN, Joystiq, Gamespot, Kodaku, and more, right?
All of them have been seen as big sites with a group of people, writing for it, even though Kodaku is a blog.
But, what about the new generation news sites?

New generation news sites don't have a Team yet, but people nowadays don't look at a Team, they look at the unique visitors.
Nintendo3DSBlog and for example:
Both have a huge network of websites in their range, but since Nintendo3DSBlog is visited my millions of people a day, it's been seen as a big site, even though there's only one or two people writing on it, while has a Team of writers (none of them reveal their names, although you might know mine), and it's seen as a personal blog.
The reason is, like I've said before, people look at the popularity of a site, not at the population of a site.

While none of you haven't thought, most news sites run on WordPress, and it's never been a secret.
WordPress is actually a blog software, but it's widely used for big websites.
I've even seen some travel sites, sites from restaurants, etc. using WordPress.

To get back on track, we've been seen as a personal blog, and Nintendo eventually sees us as a community (WTF?!). indeed is a community, and it indeed belongs to our network, and we're indeed not as big, but we always keep trying.
If you look at MarioWiki, for example, that's a Wiki and a Forum, but it's also mainly seen as a big site.

So, to keep it short, if you want to have a site, try finding thousands of people, visiting your site per week, otherwise it's a blog.