Seth MacFarlane to reboot the Flintstones in 2013

Kyoko Sakura

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Sorry for the month-old news but I did a search on these boards and I don't think anyone's posted it yet.

[quote author=Deadline]The characters will look the same but he'll introduce new technology, like "What is the animal version of an iPad?”[/quote]

Another source, IGN article

[quote author=IGN]This is worse than the time I had that job at the quarry.[/quote]
I'll probably watch it. I'm sure it's destroying the Flitnstones but I like Family Guy and I like the Flintstones.
This definitely can't end well. Did the film industry literally just give up, did the script writers decide rebooting every old series is a good idea, did...aauughhh

Wasn't there a Jetsons movie supposed to happen too?
This sounds like a terrible idea.

Hey, let's get a Blue's Clues reboot on Adult Swim.
Everyones doing reboots, keep whining it's helping!!!!!
Milk Guy said:
The entertainment business is just running out of ideas.

Yep. Obvious too. Since how most movies now days are like ADAPTIONS AND SEQUELS.