Loic fails to hack PayPal, Mastercard and Amazon [News Article]


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Spain arrests Anonymous suspects


Three suspected members of the Anonymous hacking group have been arrested in Spain. The trio are said to have been involved in co-ordinating the group's activity in that country.
A statement from the Spanish national police force said that a computer seized in the home of one person it arrested was used in the hacks.
It involved Spanish cyber police combing through millions of lines of chat logs to identify who was behind the group's activities. Some of the attacks made by Anonymous members used a web-based tool called Loic to bombard target sites with data. The websites of PayPal, Mastercard and Amazon were all targeted using this tool. It seems that Loic did a poor job of hiding the identity of the people using it. It is believed that some police forces have already moved against the group based on this information.
I've never heard of such software but thankfully it didn't work. It's scary to think people are trying though.


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This really is an Epic Fail.