Your post of the year


Power Star
What is your favorite post during this year?

Please quote for proof and one quote per user

Here is mine post of the year

ToxicBox said:
Wait a sec, I think Nintendo is working for USA goverment for top secret pictures with 3DS so maybe bad guy is with 3DS will be caught


King Bowser
I dunno, but best post overall:

Peachy said:
Oh cool, *takes off censors*

First off, I was going to post something in that Wario topic, but then one of the MODs locked it. All I was going to say is if you had a problem with the girls keep making Wario jokes, you could of just reported them. When you publicly call them out and flame them, that's not going to help the situation, and then what's most likely going to happen is you'll get infracted/banned. I'm not trying to backseat moderate, I'm just trying to give you legit advice so nothing happens to you.
By Peachy.