Sonic Unleashed


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Do any of you guys have Sonic Unleashed on the Wii? I just beat Dark Gaia and I am trying to get some S Ranks on it. I have an S on all the bosses except Dark Gaia,2 S ranks in Day Stages in Apotos and an S rank in a Night stage in Shamar.


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I have both versions; one for the Wii and the other for the 360. I haven't bothered trying to get all S ranks in that game, since you don't get anything special from doing so like you would in the Sonic Adventure through Shadow the Hedgehog (only in their cases, A ranks were the highest).


Yoshidude is here
Do you have any tips for getting S ranks in Day Stages then? I am trying to collect all of the Sun and Moon Medals.


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The only tips that I can give you for the day stages is know when to use the speed boosts. Also, time your drifts right to avoid wall collisions.