Newgrounds: 8-bit Mario Collab - A chance to show off your flash!


King Bowser
For those of you who have Adobe or Macromedia Flash and want to be a part of something on Newgrounds, whether you have an account or not, try out this collab!

What are we going to do?
Your skit has to be about either Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros.2 or Super Mario Bros.3, and has to be based around the original NES ONLY. Not the Super Mario All-Stars or Game Boy Advance versions. (If you post in one, it will be either not accepted or I'll remake it NES style without notice). The skit can have anything in it, action, humor, whatever. Also, if the skit isn't funny, I will ask you to change it.

Who are the leaders?
I'm the only leader for this collab. If you have any questions, put them in this thread or PM me.

10-90 seconds long.
Screen size must be 500x400 px.
Animate at 30 fps.
Defualt background must be white, but you can make your own.

Other Rules
Violence and swearing is allowed, but keep it minimal. I want this rated T.
Nudity, porn or themes are not allowed, apart from Goombas or stuff like that who don't have clothes.
No overused jokes, but you may use LIGHT memes.
The total amount of skits is 25. I can go up to 28 if you just miss out.
All skits must be sprites.
To send me your part, upload it to your Newgrounds dumping grounds or Hotmail File Sharing and give me the download link.
Show me updates regularly so I know what you're getting at.
Try to stay active to the thread so I know you're still in.
There is no due date so far, but I will have one sometime later. People who don't make it by the due date will not have their part involved.
If you have a Newgrounds account, tell me your Newgrounds username. If you don't, your MW Forum username will be noted in the Authors Comments.

Now let's get this show on the road!

PS. If you feel that I haven't said enough, post the extra questions in this thread.