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The title is pretty much self explanatory. Most experience Wiki users know how to make Templates. Yet some new users don't know how to make Templates and if you want to learn how to make Templates heres the right place. If you're just really lazy and don't feel like working, this is also the right place for you.
Hmm... a bosses Template would be great! But bosses from what game?
If you were on the article for King Bob-Bomb, there could be a template for all 3D bosses. I dont know how to make them though... :oops:
Or a bosses template for each game, especially the major games.
ultimatetoad's request: {{SM64 Bosses}} is being created.
No. First, MK DS has characters from the remake of SM64, SM64DS. Also, not all of the bosses appear in MK DS.
Ill create a Template for the {{SMRPG Bosses}}
We should create a template that directs readers to either the Mario Wiki or DK Wiki if there is crossover information. This template should be located on the bottom of the article. See the Mario Wiki [mwiki]Dixie Kong[/mwiki] page and the DK Wiki [dkwiki]Mario[/dkwiki] page for a better idea of what I'm looking for.
Da, da da da DONE! [mwiki]Template:Moreinfo[/mwiki] / [dkwiki]Template:Moreinfo[/dkwiki] (same on both wikis)