The Resolutions of 132


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The third (and final) reboot of the 132 Series. Featuring new characters, new plotlines, grammar, spelling, and an altogether better writing style then seen before in my works, Resolutions is my prized work of art.

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When can I expect the next issue?
Oh well look I finished it.

This is also kind of a bump. People, this story exists. Please. Please read it. T-T
Okay it feels weird to compliment people but this was seriously one of the best fanfics I've ever read.

Which is to say probably the best I've ever read.

There was only one very minor problem I had, the relationship with Grapes just seemed really...forced.

The rest of it was amazing.
It was great. I'm sure that some people didn't like the fact that you had so many endings, I know that was a major downer for many fans of LotR with Return of the King, but I enjoy that stuff.

Also Evoltsul was an actually dangerous villain, you don't get too many of those these days.
Ruin was okay. I personally found his motivation to be confusing and rather unbelievable. I mean, wouldn't it have been better to simply join with people as powerful as Jimmy Wales to attack WikiMedia?

Though it was interesting how he seemed to be completely evil at first and gradually he became a good guy of sorts.
Wales was allied with WikiMedia, as was the rest of the Wiki World before Ruin killed him.

Ruin always had good intentions- he started attacking the Council and other people who interfered to put them out of commission so that they wouldn't get in the way.

And keep this in mind- being forced to kill your parents when you're ten years old isn't going to have you turn out to be the best person. He had to keep killing more and more of his family, and, at the time of Resolutions, he isn't even in his twenties, yet he's already killed his mother, father, and cousin.
Don't Fear said:
Wales was allied with WikiMedia
He was? Well there's a part I missed, sorry. Though Ruin still probably could have convinced him to join him and help him get rid of the curse.

But yeah, I suppose he did have an awful childhood which caused him to end up so terribly.