Angry Birds


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is there a toucan!?

For the record, I made this post when this was in Off-topic.


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Angry Black Bird said:
ToxBox said:
I will buy Angry Birds for 3DS in end of May
They're actually making that?

They sure are. It's also coming out for WiiWare, PSN (if they get it back up in time :rolleyes:), PSP, and XBLA.

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Angry Black Bird said:
Wiiware? I rather have it be a wii game.
You want to pay more...?


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I have this game on my Mac and my phone.


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The game is pretty hard. I haven't even made it past the fiftieth level or so. Other than that, it's great.


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Yes, but keep in mind that most people here are iOS users, which cost € 0,79 on it, while we both use Android, which is for Free, but with AdSense on/in it.


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I don't say I care about the Ads, I mean, since most people here use iOS to play Angry Birds, they're used to pay for the game themselves, that's why they want to buy on the 3DS too.


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No, that's not true.
More Apps are for free, but not most or all of them.
Depending on your iPod Touch model and jailbreak, you can install Android on it in a dualboot (at least, it can on jailbroken iPhone 2G's, 3G's, and 3GS's).