Guess Who


Mieu mieu!
This is an easy game.I post a picture I drew myself, and you have to guess who it is.Whoever gets it right,then draws a new picture and posts it, and so on. You have to draw it,though, whether you use paint or Photoshop or real paint or whatever,draw it yourself. Heres the first picture:
Oh yeah, and I forgot to say, it doesnt have to be a video game character.It can be anyone, so long as we'll know it. or some of us will.
Looks like a lot of coloured lines to me.
I know, I dont have great mouse control.But it is supposed to be someone.
HINT:Real Person!
That looks like yet another mess of lines.
IT IS A REAL PERSON. Can you see the blue things? The eyes.
Did I?Oh.Well, it goes to New Super Mario, as he was first, so youre turn to draw something.