Mario Wiki Forum RPG! (Paper Mario Style) (Lot of Work Put into This!)

Make one if you want too. you have 50HP, 25FP, $100 to spend on items and you just fight by taking turns. if you win a battle you get $100 more to spend and if you lose you get $50. if you win a battle you get 50 EXP, If you Lose, You get 20 EXP. You need 100 to level up. you can either Level Up HP, FP or add another attack Once you get 100 EXP. This is pretty much a reborn version of the old One I made, There are Team battles too, If you want to do that, you'll have to ask another player to join you and ask your opponent to find a partner. Please Don’t Overpower Attacks [e.g: Good~ 10HP, 8FP | Bad~ 10HP, 2FP] I had about 6+ People Last Time, Hoping for more this time.


Post 1:
Crackin355 uses Fireball! 4 HP Damage! (Cost 2FP)

Crackin355 Luigifreak
HP:50 HP:46
FP:23 FP:25

Post 2:
Luigifreak uses Pwnage Kick 7 HP Damage! (Cost 5 FP)

Crackin355 Luigifreak
HP:43 HP:46
FP:23 FP:20

and then it continues.

Level Up System:
HP: Gain Extra 5HP
FP: Gain Extra 5FP
Attack: Create Attack




Name: Crackin355
Appearance: Red Top, Black Jumper, Black Pants, 13 year old, Brown Hair
Laser Sword - I pull out a Laser Sword and attack one enemy (3HP) (0FP)
Flaming Charge - Charges at Opponent in Flames (5HP) (2FP)
Flame Quake - Stabs Ground with Sword, Pillars of Fire Attack All Enemies (5HP) (4FP)
Speed Twister - Spins Around Opponents and Creates a Flaming Twister. Hits All (7HP) (6FP)
~Items~ $15
Super Shroom Thunder Rage
Sleepy Sheep Volt Shroom

Crackin355 [$15] [50 HP] [25 FP]
Laser Sword – Hit One (3HP) (0FP)
Flaming Charge – Hit One (5HP) (2FP)
Flame Quake – Hit All (5HP) (4FP)
Speed Twister – Hit All (7HP) (6FP)
Super Shroom Thunder Rage
Sleepy Sheep Volt Shroom

The Store:
Mushroom: $5 (recovers 5HP)
Super Shroom: $15 (recovers 10HP)
Ultra Shroom: $70 (recovers 50HP)
Fire Flower: $15 (deals 4 Damage to opponent)
Ice Storm: $40 (deals 3 Damage to All opponent and freezes them for 2 turns)
Shooting Star: $40 (Deals 5 Damage To All)
Thunder Rage: $20 (deals 4 Damage to One Enemy)
Power Punch: $25 (makes attacks +2 in power for 3 turns)
Dizzy Dial: $30 (makes others dizzy for 3 turns. attacks might miss.) [Be Serious About this, Don’t always Hit the Opponent, or use a Random Number Generator]
Stop Watch: $20 (freezes enemies for 2 turns)
Life Shroom: $50 (brings you back to life with 15 life.)
Honey Syrup: $5 (recovesr 5FP)
Jammin' Jelly: $75 (recovers 50FP)
Maple Syrup: $20 (recovers 10FP)
Sleepy Sheep: $35 (makes opponents sleep for 3 turns)
Volt Shroom: $15 (Makes a Protective Electrical Barrier for 3 Turns. Any Direct Attacks will result in 3 HP Damage to the attacker)
Tasty Tonic: $15 (cures all status effects) [Can be used while Asleep, Frozen, etc.]
Boo's Sheet: $40 (makes ALL attacks miss for 3 turns)

Any more Items?

P.S: To Request a Battle just Ask! This was Succesful Once, even when it wasn’t Put to it’s full potential, so Don’t just go “too much work for me” Please. Enjoy!
It looks like this game will be abused very fast.
That there are some people around here, that most likely would say:
[quote author="Some people not called by their name"]BEEP uses Fireball! 999999999999 HP Damage! (Cost 0FP)

User1 User1
HP:9999999 HP:1
FP:9999999 FP:1[/quote]
People would do that, especially here. I don't care what idiots like them do, I wouldn't put the down on the list and just ignore them