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Previously DHalliwell
I really get to lol with the sections
Actually I couldn't laugh really hard, because my family was there x)

Tyrell Badd

"The hated boss who beats you down..."
Chat Administrator
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Former 'Shroom Staff
I'm gonna try something more extravagent for next issue...

Don't expect anything fancy though.

Big Smoke

Remember the name
Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
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I actually got to write something for this issue again, which was a nice call back to a few months ago when I wrote Fake Games.

I still haven't checked out the whole issue yet, though.

Paper Yoshi

Jonny Boy
I give it a 9.

Loved Edo's Fake Report and MCD's Should Have Been (and Upcoming Games, written by that handsome Yoshi).
Hey guys got any tips for my interview section?

Next month I'm going to try to make double of the questions so I have a good chance in "Section of the Month"


I'm Chivi-chivik M@ngaka!

I agree some of the Should Have Been things this month, but there is some things that i disagree (but they are unimportant, so don't mind it!)
I liked the Music and Art section, the comments about the most remixed Mario music and the images (I know a lot about these things).