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I plan to get pkmn white and do it is possible to move my 6 favorite pokemon and they is lv 100 and they is from soulsliver to pkmn white?

Can i move 10 masterballs in pokemon white?


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Yes, you can move any itemless and HM Moveless Pokémon from your Soul Silver's box to White.


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悪の女神 said:
Yes, you can move any itemless and HM Moveless Pokémon from your Soul Silver's box to White.
That's it, but you need to go to a Lab, and then to Poketransfer. That's where do you have to go for transfer and get your PKMN from D/P/Pt/HG/SS versions to PKMN White/Black.
It's placed in route 15 (the lab), and you need to do the PKMN League once for reach it.


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This game has 8 badges, as always. The type of each Gym Leader is (in order): Grass/Fire/Water (depending of the pokémon you choose first), Normal, Bug, Electric, Ground, Fly, Ice and Dragon.

The Pokémon League and its Champion Road are the last challenges for a trainer. You must go first to the Champion Road, a type of 'rambling' cave where you have to find the exit to the Pokémon League. Inside you have to beat all trainers you find, and get over all the obstacles there (surfing, rock smashing, etc.). It's a bit difficult to pass, so you should have with you a lot of healing objects and more.
Then, when you reach the Pokémon league (it's an incredible building) you have to defeat all the Elite Four and the Champion (The elite four are 4 expert trainers that you have to defeat one per one. In the 5th generation, you can defeat them in the order you want. Their types are: Ghost, Psychic, Dark and Fighting. The champion is the best trainer in, this case, Unova. It's very difficult to defeat and you should have a very good PKMNs (with good attacks, good level, etc.)) He's not having a specific type (as Cynthia in 4th gen.). When you defeat him/her, you'll be named as Champion and registered in the Hall of Fame (where best trainers are registered).
But in this generation, you won't defeat the Champion, because Plasma team will come and spoil everything...
After during the last events, you'll can go to new routes (11, etc. But caution, there are very leveled up pokémon). In route 15, you'll find the lab, and near to it, the Poketransfer.

hope this will help ya :)


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Maybe it would be better to look in your manual first, before playing.

Anyway, in order to use the PokéShifter, first of all, the PokéShifter is region locked.

Games used
Pokémon Black.
Pokémon Soul Silver.

Pokémon Black
Go to Route 15, to that lab on a hill (easy access from Black City/White Forest).
Talk to that professor at the end of the room, and he'll quickly start the PokéShifter for you.

From that point, start up your other DS with Soul Silver in that DS, and leave the DS with Black/White powered on.

Hit DS Download Play, and hit the Pokémon Black/White game.

Now select 6 Pokémon.
Note: The black Pokémon are either Pokémon with an item, or an HM Move; you can't transfer them.
And then a game will start, and catch them with some kind of slingshot.


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Ah! And don't worry if you don't get all the pokemon in the minigame. All the pokémons you don't get will return to your SS version. (But it's better not to fail.) And you can transfer PKMN whenever you want. (Tle time limit (24 h) between PKMN D/P/Pt/HG/SS and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald for transfer disappears.)