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This is the opposite of Xzelion's topic. Here you tell your FAVORITE TV shows. I'll start.

1. The Boondocks
2. Family Guy
3. Naruto
4. Dragon Ball Z
5. Ben 10

My reasons:

The Boondocks has lots of swearing, and its just plain funny. Family Guy is funny too. Naruto is awesome too. DBZ used to be tight, but it stopped, but it still holds a place in my heart as the first anime I watched. Ben 10 has aliens, which automatically makes it win.
In no particular order:

Transformer: Beast War
The Transformers
The Simpsons
Here's my top 5

1The Simpsons
4Prehistoric Park

Yes I'm a dino nut and I like Rove when I get to watch it
Smiddle said:
Ronny & Ragge is hilarious. Too bad nobody knows what it is.

True but I think I mighta heard of it on the simpsons
Smiddle said:
On the Simpsons? Kiddin'?

No i'm not kidding. but I should check on youtube.
ok checked and no. i thougt it was a cartoon
90% of all thinly disguised half-hour comercial... errr I mean show based on game/toy/whatever suck. But the biggest offender are:

1: Battle B-Daman
3:Baykougan (Or whatever it's spelled.)
Hmmmm... There is already a thread for favorite tv shows that King Boo posted in, but this one's more active
Duplicate thread of

Thus I'll be locking this thread.
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