Showstopping Number!


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.
You guys start up a story, one sentence at a time. (out of an scene I give you.) And whenever I say :mario:. You guys have to make a song out of the last sentence said in the story. Like this: (never learned how to actually put the embedded youtube vids, can someone pm me how?) Alright, the scene is Mario and Luigi are off on an adventure to save Rosalina, competing along the way. I'll start: Luigi: Mario, didn't you ever wonder why you were carried to me on a green scaly thing's back?


Nintendo 3DS Developer
Yoshi: Yes, and Mario has a heavy ass! I prefer you to have on my back, Luigi.


a rhinestone cowboy
Mario: That's it Yoshi, you aren't in MK 3DS anymore!