RatherImpossible's Graphics Gallery/Shop


...personal text?
Welcome. I'm RatherImpossible, and I'm somewhat new to it, but I'm a GFXer. I mostly make signatures, but I can give you a good avatar if you want. I'll be using this thread to show my works and take requests from people who want sigs and/or avatars.

Here's some examples of my work:

Comments, criticisms, compliments, etc. would be heavily appreciated.

As for requests, here's just a couple guidelines;

1. If I find your request unreasonable, I reserve the right to refuse to do it.
2. If you find I did not make something satisfactory or up to the standards you expected, you reserve the right to ask me to redo it. However, if I redo a request several times and you dislike all of them, I reserve the right to stop and apologize.
3. Please follow the request forms for your request!

Anyways, speaking of those request forms, here they are:

To request an avatar or sig, fill out this in your post;

Size (how big you want it to be):
Render/stock (image you want in it; a link would be preferred, but you can just say what character/thing you want and I'll find it):
Text (what words, if any, you want on the sig):
Other specifics (things like style, background, maybe even a specific set of brushes, font, or filter you want to see used, etc.):

When I finish your request, I'll post it here, including both the image and the actual link/BBcode so you can put it in your sig/avatar. I'll try to finish as fast as possible, but please try to be patient! I might be busy working on something else.

You can request an avatar and sig if you wish, or just one of the two. Or you don't have to request anything at all, and just comment on my works. Your choice.

Now then, start requesting or commenting; or both! Thanks for wasting your time on my thread!