Golden Sun series

LuigiLuvur said:
I love Golden Sun, how about you?
i think it's a great RPG series! But i dislike it a little for one of my friends fault! He was like: I used my Ragnarok and summoned this and then... ARGH! -.-
My Godfather/uncle managed to get me both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Dark Age for Christmas, and I've been playing the first game since I got it, inbetween Pokemon playings.

It's pretty cool, but every time I hear the music and sound effects, I think of the Mario spin-off games, which is unfortunate...
I'll played All the Golden Sun Series Its Well Fun And i like the sound effects! ;D
Well, I like the sound effects, I just wish I had played these games before Mario Tennis: Power Tour and the like, so I wouldn't have to constantly think of them while I play this game...