New Littlest Super Mario: The Sunlight Shine Saga


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I'm posting the first saga of my Fan-fic New Littlest Super Mario:

The Sunlight Shine Saga

NOTE: Each chapter is narrated by a different character (except for chapters 1 and 7, narrated by Little Mario).

Chapter 1 – Holidays at Delfino Island!


Yay! We have holidays! At last! I was so bored having school every day, and now… holidays!
This year Peach has invited to me and the others to go for some days to Delfino Island… aww Peach… eh, well, so now we are inside the Peach's helicopter, but…
-What are you doing here?!
-Ehm… Mario, don't be bad. We need some holidays too.
My mother has come with us with no permission… and she has brought Wario's mother!!
-But you don't understand!! You could ask Peach if you could go with us!
-Well, now is done, don't get angry Mario- told me Vanilla.
-There is a little problem… Toad and Toadette have got notice of this and they wanted to go with you too! -my mother took out from wherever that pair of toadstools.
-Eh… sorry Mario- began to explain me Toadette- but I wanted go with you why I want visit a friend and…
-I DON'T CARE! -I was outrage.
-Mario, don't worry –said Peach- they have come, now we can't do anything! Moreover, I'm sure we are gonna have more fun!
-Mmh… I don't know…

The helicopter has landed on the island, and now Peach is gonna bring us to a hotel.
My mother was too happy.
-Yay! We are in Delfino Island!
-Mama! Don't do that!-I was so ashamed. She was doing child things.
-Mario, leave her do… whatever is doing, now we are going to go to the hotel, and then to the beach! -calmed me Luigi.

After leaving our things at the hotel, we went to the beach. Ah, the beaches of Delfino Island are the best!
-Peach! Come with me to take a bath!
-Leave Peach alone and catch me!!- Waluigi was showing me his tongue.
-Waluigi!! I'll give you a… kick in the ass!! Come here!!! –I began to follow him.
Meanwhile, I listened what were saying Daisy and Wario. Wario said: -What are they doing?-. And Daisy said: -Mario is stupid, leave him.
I stopped.
-Daisy! –I complained.
-Mario, It's the truth! Why you are following Waluigi? It's stupid from you.
-Wait a moment! –Waluigi stopped swimming. –It's stupid following me?
-Of course! –answered Daisy.
We were annoyed.
-C'mon guys! Why don't we play to something? –asked Wario.
-OK! Let's do a race!!! Mario, Waluigi and me!! Let's see who's the best!
-OK, let's begin!! –We accepted.
So we began a race. Peach and Luigi were looking at us.
-What are they…? –asked Peach.
-Leave them… -said Wario.
After 30 minutes, all three were so tired. Daisy won the race.
-Ha! I won! Now you can see that you can't win me!
-Yes, wait! -I answered to Daisy –Wait 20 years, and then we'll see!!!
-Pff, for me, OK!

We stayed some minutes taking some sun and seeing what Peach, Luigi and Wario were doing. These were gonna be some good holidays.

Back at the hotel, we had a warm bath, we had a good supper (can't be compared with the Luigi's suppers) and then we went to sleep. Toadette was gonna go to visit her new friend tomorrow.
Chapter 2 – The Sunlight Shine story


Today is our second day staying at Delfino Island. Now I'm going to visit Toadine for first time… with Mario and co… and inside Daisy's bag.
-Where she lives? I don't want bring you anymore! -asked me Daisy.
-She lives near Delfino Plaza. Ah! And I'm sure that you'll like her house…
-Or is she living in a sweet factory or I'll return to the hotel –said Mario.
-Aha! That's the place! –I was showing a type of bakery. -I haven't explained that Toadine lives in a bakery!
Then, Mario and Wario ran as near as they could of that bakery.
-Ehm… sweets factory, or I don't know… but this is… -began to say Mario.
-Delicious? –said Wario.
I came out from the Daisy's bag and I knocked at the door. An orange toadstool came out.
-What do you want? We aren't open for the moment.
-Ehm… -I began –Toadine: It's you?
-Toadette? You are Toadette?
-YAY!!! –I hugged her.
-Toadette! –said happily. –I didn't know when you could come!
-Well… I got infiltrated into the Peach's vacations.
Toadine looked at Peach and the others.
-Oh… so you are Princess Peach! And you are Mario, the hero of the kingdom… nice to meet.
-Hehe… -began Mario –I can see you know me…
-Mario, don't be idiot! – Said him Daisy.
Mario got frustrated.
-Oh, don't stay there and come in! –offered us Toadine.

The bakery inside was so cute! All was full of cakes, pies, sweets, cookies and biscuits, etc. All looked delicious!
-Oh man! I can eat all what is inside! –was saying Mario. I could feel he was hungry.
-Toadette, you want eat some cookies? I made some ones this morning –Asked me Toadine. I was going to answer, but…
-YES!!! –answered the others.

We went to the garden. That garden was full of different plants, flowers and some fruit trees. It was cute too!
-There are the cookies!! –Toadine came with a plate full of cookies and biscuits. –You can take!
Each one took a cookie. We tasted it… and…
-Oh! This has to be a sin! –said Peach.
-Peach, really, if this is a sin, is the best one! –said Daisy.
-My cookies are the worse besides yours! –said Luigi.
-I can't comment something like this, there is no word for explain that they are excellent! –said Waluigi.
-I don't know what I can say now… they have said the best reasoning… -said Wario.
-Well… don't gratify me… -said Toadine, a little blushed.
-Who has shown you the way for do these cookies? –I asked.
-My mother. She teaches me all her bakery knowledge… and now is trying to teach my little brother.
-She has to be an expert… -said Luigi.
-It's-an-expert! You haven't tasted her cakes yet! Are the best of the whole world! She has won 7 times the cakes world contest!
-Oh, man… -Luigi was surprised.
-Toadine! Who are you talking with? –asked a voice.
-With some new friends! They are having holidays right now! –She returned to us –It's my mother. We have to open now.

After eating the cookies, we went inside again. We saw Toadine's mother mixing something.
-Oh Toadine! So… these are your new friends? –asked her.
-Yes! She's Toadette; I was talking you about her these days. –told Toadine.
-Yes, I remember.
-Oh! Of course she won the cakes world contest 7 times! You are Toadinette! I'm Luigi; I won the last one in the kid category!
-You were Luigi? Ah I remember! The Mario's little brother! –said Toadinette.
-Hehe… -began Mario.
-Mario, no! –said him Daisy.
Mario got frustrated again.
-Nice to meet you all –said Toadinette. –But… you can't stay here…
-No prob! I have to explain them something… -said Toadine.
I was thinking on what she was going to explain us.

We went at the bakery's basement. Toadine switched on a light bulb placed on the roof. She was searching something, and then she took out a box.
-Please Waluigi: switch off the light.
Waluigi did. Everybody didn't know what was happening. Toadine took out from that box a very shiny ball. When we could see something, we say a shine inside that ball.
-What's that shine? –asked Peach.
-Oh this is not a normal shine… it's a sunlight shine.
-What? –asked Mario.
-A sunlight shine. This shine comes from the sun. It has a story… If you want to go to the bathroom, go now, I don't wanna stop. –said Toadine.
Then, she began:
"The Sunlight Shine is a strange shine what comes from an old sun that died long time ago. This shine has the power of control and move all the suns, and gives to its owner sun powers too.
This shine is so worthy and powerful, and a lot of people wanted to have it. But there was a lot of bad people who want the shine for do whatever they want. If the shine isn't used correctly, someone can destroy a whole world.
Knowing this, a group of people decided to keep the shine far from evil persons. It has been kept by many people…"
-… and now is between our hands. -finished Toadine.
-So, OK, the typical history of the powerful object that can kill us and etc. etc. etc. –said Mario.
-Eh, yes… and now I'll ask you all if you can help me.
-Why? –asked Luigi.
-A new kind of villain wants this shine… he had sent me this note.
Toadine gave me that note. I began to read:
" For Toadine and all the keepers of this shine: I'm not a typical villain who wants power. I just want this shine for… some reasons. Just know that you won't survive. "
-Signed: The hellish Doctor. –I finished.
- "The hellish Doctor"? Really, I would never visit this doctor. –said Mario.
-I'm a little afraid… I don't want die! –Said Toadine –so I've decided to give the power to one of you. And this one will be… Luigi!
-Luigi? –Said Mario –and why me not?
-Luigi is a good guy. And he has to learn to not be a coward.
-Oh Toadette, what do you explain to the people, huh? –said me Luigi, a little annoyed.
-C'mon Luigi, get ready –said Toadine.
The shine began to shine. Then all the brightness began to come inside the Luigi's gloves.
-I've finished. Now you have the shine power. Now let's see what will happen with all this problem.

Back at the hotel, Luigi was thinking. I think that he was afraid of this situation.

The next morning, we explained all that happened to Nicola and Vanilla.
-So a bakery… I like cakes –said Nicola.
-This is not important! Now a psychopathic villain is gonna spoil our holidays! –said Vanilla, angry.
-Hey! It were gonna be OUR holidays, not yours! –said her Waluigi.
-You are gonna win a punch… -said him Vanilla with a threatening voice.
Suddenly, the Waluigi's mobile began to ring. He took his mobile and he put the speaker mode.
-Who's calling now? –said Waluigi.
-I'm sure you know me… -said a strange voice.
-Who are you? C'mon, answer!
-Waluigi, don't be impatient.
Waluigi was anxious.
-How do you know my name?! –He said.
That strange voice laughed softly.
-Yes… I know that you are Waluigi; Mario and the others, your mother, Mario's mother, a pair of toadstools and you are having holidays and Toadine is having the sunlight shine…
Waluigi was nervous.
-What do you want…? –He asked again.
-Just I want… Luigi!
Waluigi looked at Luigi and then he said: -Why?
-I'm not going to specify details. I want him tomorrow at the same hour at Sirena Beach.
Then he hung up. Then Luigi said:
-Oh no! I don't want go!
-Ehm Waluigi… -I began –I can call Toadine?
-Well, OK.

Some minutes later, Toadine came at the room of the hotel. I explained her what happened.
-So… he knows who we are… and that I was holding the shine… but I think he doesn't know that Luigi is keeping it now.
-I don't know… -said Daisy. –He resembled smart… and I'm sure he knows it. Or, why he wants Luigi for?
-Mmh… It's true.
-Oh no! Luigi! –said Nicola, nervous. –I don't want that they hurt you!
-Luigi, I think you have to go. We'll see what kind of villain is he. And for more security… bring this with you –she gave Luigi a little device, it resembled a button.
-What's this? –he asked.
-Is for follow your position. We'll know where you are. And…Waluigi, you can go with him?
-Why?! –for his voice, I noted that he didn't want to go with Luigi.
-Just for try to protect Luigi. And… you aren't eager to meet that guy?
-Mmh… well… a little… a little much! –he answered. –I have to meet with a guy like him!
-Well, decided! –said finally Toadine. –Tomorrow we'll begin our plot.

Toadine returned to her home and we went to sleep.
Chapter 3 – Meeting with The Hellish Doctor


Day 3 at Delfino Island. Sirena Beach. 22:37 p.m.
I was there with Luigi.
-Oh… -he began –I’m afraid… Bowser is a useless villain, but… this is a new one that we haven’t met…
-Luigi, don’t be coward. If we are near, nothing will happen. OK?
-Mmh… OK.
Suddenly, a hole opened under our feet. We felt inside. Luigi was shouting. Then we felt on a grey sofa.
-“But… where are we?” –I thought.
Luigi looked everywhere and then he asked me: -where are we?
-Do you think that I know the answer?
-Eh… I think no.
Then, a woman came inside the room. She looked funny.
-Hi! –she said us.
-Excuse me? –I said.
-I think that you are the Doctor’s visit. I’m his…secretary.
-I don’t care –I answered.
-Just a question… -began Luigi –When he will call us?
That secretary worked a lever. Then, a belt gripped us and a door opened.
-Now –she answered.
The sofa began to run very fast. It resembled a roller coaster.
After a minute, we went so slowly into a very big space, it was so futurist. At the middle, there was a white table. The sofa stopped in front of that table.
-I think I’m gonna puke… -said Luigi. I think that this travel hasn’t been good for him…
Suddenly, a figure of a man was approaching. I could feel the fear of Luigi (I don’t like it). I could see that man wore a stone pipe hat and a doctor coat, but no more. Then, he sat on a spherical chair and he turned to us.
-Ah!! –shouted Luigi –what… what… What are you?!
Luigi was right. Yes… that doctor had a human body… but his head wasn’t human.
-Hello Waluigi. Hello Luigi. Welcome to my mansion. I’m The Hellish Doctor, or as they know me: Doctor Darkness.
-Doc… Dr. Darkness? –I asked. –That’s your real name or just a nickname?
-I answer: Darkness it’s my name.
Luigi was so nervous.
-Oh… what… what do you want of me?
-I think you want go fast… -said the Doc -but I’ve said that I wanted only Luigi! Waluigi! What are you doing here?
I thought a little, and then, I answered: -You don’t mind.
-But why do you want me?! –asked again Luigi.
The Doc thought a little, and then he said: -Why I know you are the current wielder of the Sunlight Shine.
We got surprised.
-WHAT?! –we said.
-What I’ve said. Luigi is having the Sunlight Shine.
-How do you know? –we asked.
He laughed quietly and softly, and then he said:
-I was spying you guys. I knew Toadette met Toadine by using Internet, I know you have plotted know who am I and then you’ll try to escape… I know all, as you can see.
I was uncomfortable. He knew what we would do…
-I’ll use Luigi for continue my plan. I think you can’t stop me…
I thought fast. I stood up and I shot him a mass of ice. I didn’t know what happened, but a strange power covered him. He was unharmed. I got frustrated.
-You mustn’t do it. –said the Doc.
Dr. Darkness pressed a button. A tube sucked up Luigi. I didn’t know what to do.
-I think you have to return with your people.
He pressed another button, and a hole opened under my feet. I felt inside… again.

I appeared at the hotel room where where the others. Everybody looked at me.
-What do you are doing here? –asked my mother.
I was unhappy.
-Oh, no… he took Luigi, isn’t it? –said Toadine.
I said yes with the head.
-Luigi… -said Nicola sadly. She was gonna cry.
-Eh… Waluigi, I think we can’t do anything… -began Toadine.
-Why Luigi is in another kingdom –answered Peach.
-In another kingdom?
-Yes. Luigi is now in Hellish Kingdom. We have followed your signals and you have been there. Luigi is still there.
-Hellish Kingdom? That’s the biggest one…
-We can’t go? –asked Mario.
-You don’t remember what have we learned at school? That kingdom is at the other side of the Mushroom World, you can’t go now! You’ll take a lot of time!! And I’m not so eager… that kingdom is full of strange and dark powers… -said him Daisy.
-What can we do?! –I began –If Dr. Darkness is holding Luigi at Hellish Kingdom, I don’t know what we’ll do now…
-Who’s Dr. Darkness? –asked me Daisy.
-It’s the person who took Luigi… well… he’s not just a person.
-Let me guess… -began Toadine –his skin is black.
-Yes! –I answered –Do you know him?
-No, but I think… -she began to search something in Internet. –Aha! Here it is! Look! –he showed us her computer screen. – My mother talked me about them. He is a Demon-human, or Demonumans, if you wanna call it shortly. This is a very old race that exists since this world was created, as the current humans. It’s unknown who had created them. Ah! And they can only be found at the royal family.
-At the royal family? –said Mario.
-So… that Doc it’s from the hellish royal family…
-Yes Mario, yes!!! –said him Daisy, a little annoyed.
-But I don’t think he will stay there. That kingdom is covered by clouds almost all the year. The only place that is almost always sunny is Delfino Island. So he’ll come here.
-YAY! –said Daisy, happily. –I’ll kick his ass…
-I don’t know, Daisy… I tried to attack him with ice before and it was useless… -I said her.
-Oh, don’t spoil my moment of glory!
-Well –began Toadine –let’s act. We have to find him when he’ll go to come. I’ll call my mother for let her know what we have discovered.
Toadine called her mother. After two minutes, she hung up and she said, surprised:
-Oh… I think my mother knows that doctor.
Hope you like it.

2nd NOTE: Sorry of I have mistaked any word. I'm spanish and I don't talk english in a excellent way.


I'm Chivi-chivik M@ngaka!
Hi again!
Sorry for double-posting, but I had to do this.

Here's chapter 4, the longest and one of the more tragic chapters in this saga.
Chapter 4 – Little Doctor’s background

(Dr. Darkness)

I was at the balcony of my mansion, watching that orange sea that surrounds the Hellish Kingdom.
-“I’ll begin my plan… of the ending of this sinner world” –I thought. A lot of memories were coming at my mind… again…
Woohoo Hooniversity…
12 years old…
(Little Darkness)

Today is a day like the others. I have to get ready for go to the Woohoo Hooniversity, why it’s so far from here.
Yes, I’m a student of Woohoo Hooniversity, where the most intelligent kids learn to be good scientists or engineers. I began this new year a week ago. This is my last year there.

I was waiting for the plane what brings me to Beanbean Kingdom when my sister Blackberry came:
-Hi Darkness! –She said –are you ready? -. She was happy.
-Eh… yes… why?
-I wanna explain you something… I know what my special ability is!
-But I can’t control it well yet.
-What’s your ability?
-I can control my own hair!
-Your hair?
-This is good.
I was worried.
-What’s up? –She asked me.
-I don’t know what would be my own ability…
-Don’t worry, Darkness. Remember: everybody of this family creates their own ability, power or weapon. You’ll find it soon, trust me.

After arriving at Woohoo Hooniversity, I was going at my classroom when I bumped against a toadstool and I felt.
-I’m so sorry… I didn’t know what I was doing… -told me that toadstool.
When I could stand up, I could see what that was a girl toadstool, a light purple toadstool.
-Eeh… don’t worry… -I said.
-I can ask you something? –she asked.
-What’s the matter?
-I’m new here… you can show me where is the class of the 4th year?
-Sure. –I answered.
-Ah! And my name’s Toadinette. And yours?
I thought that she wanted to know me.
-Ehm… my name’s Darkness.
-Darkness? Original name. –said me with a smile. –I’m sure that you are from Hellish Kingdom… that’s so far from here.
-How do you know…?
-Just seeing you… -she began to look at me.
-Ah… yes… this… -I was getting blushed.
When we arrived to her classroom, she said me: -Please, I can see you again after the school day? I think we have to know us much better.
-Ehm… OK… -I answered.
She entered inside her classroom. I was… like unconscious.
I think I was falling in love of that toadstool.

After the school day, Toadinette was waiting besides of one of the statures of the entrance of the Hooniversity.
-Oh, Darkness! You have come –said me.
-Eh, yes…
-Shall we go for a walk?
We were walking and talking for several minutes through the south of Beanbean Kingdom.
-You are the little brother of the princess of Hellish Kingdom… what’s living in a castle? –She asked.
-Ehm… well, the most difficult thing is know what’s inside your castle. Our castle is so big, so there are rooms what I have never stayed yet… and…
She laughed a little. I felt ashamed.
-I always wanted to live in a cute castle, but now I think it’s a little… uncomfortable…
-Well, if you live inside since you were born… it hasn’t have to be uncomfortable.
-Thanks for the info –she said with a smile.
I was blushing. Then, I looked at my pocket watch. It was late.
-Oh no, I’m late! My plane is still waiting! I have to run to the airport!
-Ehm Darkness… We’ll go out someday?
I thought the answer for a bit.
-Eh… I’ll try… -I answered. “If my mother doesn’t kill me” –I thought.
Then, I began to run to the airport.

After arriving in front of the door of the castle, I entered inside and I found my mother there. I felt she was unhappy… or angry.
-Why do you arrive now? It’s too late, what were you doing? –she asked me.
-Eh… Today I made a friend, so…
My mother changed her annoyed face.
-You have made a friend? Really?
-Yes, her name is Toadinette and…
-Your friend is a girl toadstool?
-Yes, a Mushroom Kingdom toadstool.
She wondered for a moment, and then she said:
-This is… great! You have made a friend!
-Yes… -I answered.
-But… you had to call me before…
-I forgot… -I was blushing.
-Ooh… Little Darkness has a girlfriend! –My sister was listening behind my mother.
-B…Blackberry!! –I shouted –She’s not my girlfriend!!
-He he, you are blushing… -she said.
-No…no…NO!! –I shouted again, and then, I ran to my room.

In my room, I began to think. Yes, I was falling in love of that toadstool, but we weren’t a pair… for the moment…
- ‘I think I’ m gonna get a bath…’ –I thought.

I went to the bathroom. The bath was full of water from black roses. I got myself inside. But, in that moment, Blackberry went inside too.
-Yay!! Hi Darkness –she said.
-Leave me.
-Oh, man! Don’t get angry. That was just a joke…
I looked badly at her.
-I can note that you didn’t like it… c’mon, cheer up!
-I got feelings…
-Mmh… well, If you are in love of that toadstool, you have to show her that you are nice… if she is nice too. I’m sure you’ll take her heart…
-You can believe what you are saying…
-Trust me, brother, trust me. –she said.
We were silent during all that time.

Toadinette and I were going out every afternoon since that day. I have explained her a lot of my things.
“-So… you can play the piano… Can you play something for me?”
“Darkness… you are so special for me…”

We were having a snowy winter day. Toadinette and I were sitting on the grass of somewhere in Beanbean Kingdom. Toadinette was serious that day.
-Darkness… Can I ask you something?
-Eh… yes…
-Do you love me?
That question shocked me.
-What? –I asked.
-If you love me. –She said.
-I think… I’m in love of you Darkness.
I got surprised. I couldn’t believe what I was listening.
-Yes… -she answered. She was thinking.
I didn’t know what answer… If ‘yes’, or ‘I was in love of you all this time’… but I got an idea… an special idea.
-I think I know the answer… -I said.
She didn’t get it. I came near her, I faced her face to me and then…

I kissed her.

We were holding that kiss for some minutes. When we stopped, she got silent for some seconds, and then she said:
-I love this answer.

When I returned to the castle, I was mesmerized. My sister was practicing how to move her hair. I wasn’t so interested, but she looked at me. She made a grin.
-He he… this face is only made if someone had a ‘very special’ moment with other… Explain, what happened between you and Toadinette? –she was so interested.
I didn’t answer. I continued to walk slowly.
-She gave you a kiss? Or… you gave her a kiss?
I stopped.
-Ha! I’m right! Omg… so… you dared to kiss her –she made another grin –She liked it?
I didn’t answer. I began to walk again, but she stood her look with that grin.

The spring arrived. Now I could say that Toadinette and I were girlfriend and boyfriend, a pair, if you wanna simplify it. We were so in love…
“Darkness, please taste this cake. I made it especially for you…”
“Darkness, you are so nice. Why you didn’t get friends before?”
“Darkness… please hug me…”
“Oh Darkness…”

One day, I was walking through one of the passages of the Hooniversity. Suddenly, one student of my class wanted to talk with me.
-Hi, Darkness –he said – Can I ask you something?
-Toadinette is your girlfriend or something, right?
I got surprised. Why he was asking me that? Then, he continued to talk:
-Man, I knew Toadinette before you. I was in love too, but she wasn’t. She said me that I wasn’t ‘suitable’ for her… I got frustrated…
-Why are you talking me about this? –I asked.
-You can’t get it, huh? Man, you have taken the only toadstool I could love… I got outrage when I saw the kiss you given her months ago…
-But what do you want me to… wait… WHAT?! –I shouted –You were spying us?
-I have spied you some days… but that was enough for understand your relationship.
-Hey, what are you going to do now? –I was sweating. He was making a threatening face.
-Don’t worry, I’ll kill you.
I couldn’t believe what I was listening. He was gonna kill me?
-What? –I said –are you serious?
-Yes… -he began to come closer to me.
-Really… I don’t recommend you to do this… really…
-Please don’t stop me… -he said.
I didn’t know what to do. I thought fast. I wanted to defend me by some way. I raised my arm. I didn’t know what happened, but a type of wave went quickly to that toadstool, it cut his entire thorax and it expelled him into the caretaker’s room. The door closed. I got surprised and shocked.
I came near the door of that room. I opened it. I found him… dead. There was a lot of blood surrounding him.
I couldn’t believe what I did.
I killed someone for defense me.
Using my own ability…

When I arrived to the castle, I was making a worried face. Blackberry found me.
-Hey Darkness how are… –she stopped –eh… What happens?
She came closer to me. She looked at my face. Then, she got nervous.
-This face… omg Darkness… you have done something serious… so serious… please, explain me what happened…
-I have discovered my own ability…
-But… why are you doing that face? What happened?
-Someone has died when I discovered it.
She got shocked. I explained her what happened between that toadstool and me. Then, I began to cry. She hugged me.

I shown her what I could do. I could cut anything with two of my fingers, as a special scalpel.
-This is… amazing… but dangerous –she said.
I was sad.
-Darkness, don’t get depressed… -she began – this royal family has lived sinister and unpleasant experiences. We can do nothing. We are wielders of the hellish power, you know. A deathly and destructive power… -she was trying to calm me down. –Our power becomes more powerful when more generations come. For example, mama doesn’t want me to get married… but I don’t know it exactly… why she doesn’t want…
She began to think.

There was a trial the next day. The principal, Sir Beanster, was the judge. I can still remember what happened…
“I saw Darkness looking inside the caretaker’s room, and then, he began to run away.”
“I wanted to give notice to you, Sir Beanster. But he did it before me.”
“We haven’t found any evidence there. We don’t know who did it. So… I think… Darkness, you are free.”

We celebrated a funeral some days later. That was a sunny and cloudy day. I wasn’t so happy.
When the funeral finished, Toadinette came near to me.
-Darkness… why you are sad?
-I feel guilty…
-You can’t understand… I feel like a monster.
-But… why do you feel like this?
-It’s about that death…
-Eh… you… you haven’t done anything… I’m sure what that was an accident…
-W… what? –she said.
We got silent for a moment. Then she said:
-You… you have killed him?
I had to explain her what happened that black day.
-Why… why you haven’t explained me that before?!
-I didn’t want you to get worried for me… -I made that sad face again. –Sorry… -I began to run away.

The next day, I didn’t know how to explain to Toadinette what happened to me. I was walking through any passage of the Hooniversity, when a group of students stopped me.
-Hey Darkness -. The supposed leader of that group saluted me. I knew him: he was the brother of the toadstool who I had killed some days ago. I wanted to continue, but he stopped me again. –I know that you had killed my brother… I saw you having an argument with him.
I got surprised and shocked.
-Then, I saw how you used your powers for defense yourself…
-But… -I began –If you saw me… why you didn’t explain that the day of the trial?
He grinned.
-Because I want a revenge.
-A revenge.
-Why are you saying this? –I was nervous –Really… your brother wanted to kill me before… for some reasons.
-Yes, I know –he said –he explained me what he was gonna do before… and why.
-But now… what do you want? Why you want avenge him?
-For my own reasons. – He took a knife from somewhere. –Beginning… NOW!
All that group pounced on me, and the leader stuck that knife on my left hand. I shouted a lot. It was so painful. I fainted.
Some hours later, I was into the sickroom. Toadinette was besides me. I had my left arm bandaged.
-Darkness –she began –I found you with a injury on your left hand… you were losing a lot of blood… please, explain what happened.
I explained her all what happened. The she said:
-This is so serious! –She said –We have to explain everyone what happened.
-But… If I tell this to the teachers, I’m sure they’ll attack me more and more… really I’m afraid… I don’t want to kill anymore, but I don’t want to live a torture life. What can I do?
Toadinette thought a little, and then she said:
-Explain. Then, try to avoid all their attacks with your power, but without hurt anyone.

I did it. We explained that to the principal –he was so friendly with me-. He expelled that toadstool from the Hooniversity.
Then… the true revenge began. It took the last 2 months, but it was enough for depress me and make me cry. Everyday was a killing intent. I couldn’t stand anymore. My mother wanted to take me away from the Hooniversity, but I didn’t want.

The summer began to come. I was going to my classroom when I listened ‘my torturing group’ talking about something that surprised me:
-I don’t wanna continue with this –Said the girl of the group. She was a beanish.
-Why? –Said another –We are having our revenge… Why do you doubt?
-I think this is stupid. Why are we still continuing? For his reasons? Oh, please! We are hurting a poor soul!
-Oh yes… I understand… you were in love of him, isn’t it?
She stood quiet, and then she said:
-Eh… ehm… how do you know that?! –she was blushing.
-You can tell that you were in love!! When you see him you get blushed, and you always suffer when we hurt him!
-But… but…
-Listen: we are gonna go for… someone that he knows… this is our plan, OK?
I went by another way. I was thinking on who was gonna be the next victim. But, when I was approaching to my classroom, I saw Toadinette being attacked by that group.
-Leave me! –said her.
-Why? –said one of them.
-Because I didn’t do anything!
-Of course you did something! Stay with Darkness!
-What are you talking about?!
-We are talking about our leader. That toadstool who you gave the brush-off, do you remember?
-Yes I remember! I didn’t love him: he was so selfish and a bad toadstool!
-STOP!! –I shouted.
-Look who’s here! It’s Darkness!! –he was bluffing.
-Leave her… -I said. I was pissed off.
-We don’t want –he answered.
-Leave her… -I repeated. I was getting outrage.
-And if we don’t let her go? What are you gonna do?
I didn’t know what was happening with me. But I was feeling a lot of hellish power surrounding me… and flowing into my veins.
They got nervous. I could feel it. Then, they began to run. Suddenly, I began to follow them. I was uncontrolled and I couldn’t control myself. Just I was following that damned group that had tortured me for the last 2 months, but, around me, I could listen people shouting. Shouting of surprise, fear and pain.
After few minutes, they stopped. There was a wall in front of them. I began to come closer to them. Then, they let Toadinette go.
-Now… what are you gonna do? –said the one who had hold Toadinette all this time.
Without answering, one of my transformed wings went through his heart, and then he felt, died.
The others were afraid. So afraid. I did the same with another. I didn’t know what I was doing.
-Oh my god no! –said the beanish girl –Darkness… what are you doing? I didn’t want to go so far… this is unsupportable… please- -but she stopped. I killed her.
Then, I could feel that Toadinette was afraid of me. She said:
-But… Darkness… I didn’t know you could do this… -she was shocked –please, stop all this… -she was coming closer to me –please Darkness…
But was so late. I attacked her and she felt. I didn’t know if she was dead or not. Suddenly the power stopped. I could see for a moment a lot of blood surrounding me. I fainted, tired.

I woke up on a bed. My sister was besides me. It was a white and peaceful room. I could understand: I was at the hospital.
-Oh, at last! You have woke up!
-What… -I began –what I’m doing here?
-Darkness, this is so serious. You got uncontrolled and you have killed 27 students from the Hooniversity, including the people who had hurt you all this time.
-What? –I was shocked.
-And you have injured 11 persons. Including Toadinette.
I couldn’t believe what she was explaining. I hurt Toadinette. My Toadinette. The toadstool who I loved. That wasn’t a dream: I hurt her. I was so afraid.
I woke up quickly. I ran to Toadinette’s room. She was on her bed, unconscious.
-“No… Toadinette” I thought.
I came near to her. I could see that she was bandaged. She opened her eyes.
-D…Darkness… -she was trying to breathe –oh… you are safe –she smiled.
I couldn’t stand anymore. I began to cry.
-Why are you crying? –she said.
-You don’t understand. I have become a true monster… I have killed innocent people… I have hurt people, and… I have hurt you!!
-It’s not you fault. All that people hurt you before… please don’t worry.
-And what’s gonna happen with the Hooniversity?
-They say that they are gonna close it… or the Hooniversity will become an investigation center only. Nobody will study there anymore.
-And all it’s my fault…
-It’s not. –She tried to calm me down. I left the room, depressed.

I returned to my castle. I began to think:
“This world is not made for me… I’m useless here… I don’t deserve exist.”
Then, I went out. It was raining. I began to walk to the Shadowy Cape.
When I arrived, I was thinking on all what I lived, all what I done and… -Toadinette-. Some tears went down my face. I was gonna leave this world… forever. I made a step for fall… but something, I didn’t know what, hold me.
-Darkness!!! –I heard. It was the voice of my sister. She was holding me with her hair. Then, she took me up.
-Darkness, are you stupid?! –She was pissed off with me –Suicide? Don’t tell me you were gonna take you own life!!
I didn’t answer. I was still shocked.
-When I felt your decision, I couldn’t believe that I was gonna lose you…Darkness… -She was beginning to cry.
I got depressed. I began to cry too and she hugged me. The rain was wetting us slowly.

After all this experience, I decided to write to Toadinette. I was gonna leave her. In the letter, I wrote:

‘Dear Toadinette:
I have taken a decision: I can’t stay with you. I don’t want hurt you. My hellish power is so dangerous, and me, as a Demonuman, I can get uncontrolled. So please…
Don’t search me. I’ll disappear.
Always yours,


I didn’t ever know what had she felt, but I wasn’t thinking on it. I was gonna began something that I should begin long time ago. A lot of people can live the same as me… I don’t want. I’ll destroy all this world… All this sinner world!!!

(Dr. Darkness)

I have done a lot of cruel things during my life… but soon, this world was gonna disappear with me.
-Doctor –My secretary came –Are you ready?
-Yes… -I answered. –Let’s go to Delfino Island. We’ll begin to use the sunlight shine.

Sorry if you have found any mistake. I'm spanish and I still can do mistakes.