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Chapter XXIV-A Life to Protect

Rain mixed with blood on the stony castle exterior as Soshi continued his fierce fight. Koujin continued his assault as Soshi struggled to get off the defense. As Koujin brandished his blade once more, Soshi alighted on the deck, staring him down. As he lunged at the Sky Yoshi, the two treasures still looming above them threatened to fry Soshi with their magical blasts. Koujin slashed at Soshi’s neck, but the latter used the staff of his Essence Emerald to block the strike. Soshi and Koujin were in a deadlock, neither giving so much as a millimeter. As the sparks from the two weapons flew, Soshi used his tail to knock Koujin off balance. When Koujin stumbled, Soshi blasted him with the Essence Emerald. Before he could get back up, Soshi whipped him in the head with his tail.

Koujin struggled to his feet. It was the first sign of weakness Soshi had ever seen from the villain. Soshi was on the offensive now, and he had to keep it that way. His entire back continued to throb with every heartbeat, but Soshi pushed through it. He spewed a flame directly at Koujin and used his Essence Emerald to augment the power with a beam. It hit Koujin directly, and Soshi could hear the fizzling of his cloak as it caught the fire. Koujin continued to call down the beams from the two treasures in the air to attack Soshi, who was finding it harder and harder to get away. He tried frantically to fire back, but even in his weakened state, Koujin was still very resilient. As Koujin brandished his sword once more, Soshi tried dive-bombing him from above. Koujin sidestepped the assault and caught Soshi’s leg with his blade. Soshi skidded to a stop on the ground and fell to his knees, trying to get to his feet at Koujin approached him. With a grunt, he kicked the Sky Dragon hard in the ribs, knocking the air out of Soshi. Soshi tried to regain his breath, but he knew he needed time. Koujin reared back for another slash, but an explosion prevented this.

Soshi looked confused for a minute, but as the smoke cleared, Koujin was staring angrily out into the horizon.

“You! I thought I killed you back in that miserable cavern!” He spat.

“Not likely!” was the response. As Soshi turned around, he saw Kaller, injured but still smiling smugly, sailing toward the castle. His men aimed the cannon at Koujin for another shot. “And look who I brought with me!” Soshi looked and saw Toukee, from long ago on Isle Silver, along in another boat with an army of soldiers. “Fire!” Kaller gave the command and the cannon shot a missile at Koujin, which exploded on impact. Soshi took the time to blast Koujin with his wand. He didn’t have the strength to try for the other two treasures.

“I’m coming up right now, Soshi, so you better not die before I get there!” Kaller snarled as he broke through the door to the castle. Toukee and his army soon followed.

“Enough games!” Koujin growled. Thunder and lightning crackled in the distance as Koujin’s eyes glowed red. He began to glow with a red aura, and his sword had changed from an icy curved blade to a straight golden weapon. Before Soshi could react, Koujin dashed blindingly fast toward him, throwing Soshi against the wall. As he winced, Soshi dug his claws into his attacker. Blood began to ooze out of the wound and without letting go, Soshi sunk his jaws into Koujin’s shoulder. The villain yelled in pain, but threw Soshi off, clutching his shoulder with one hand, his sword with the other. Meanwhile, Kaller barged through the door, brandishing his own sword. As he charged Koujin, the latter teleported away and Kaller was struck by a beam from above.

Kaller fell to his knees, cursing. “Rrr, learned some new tricks, has ‘e?” Kaller looked around for his prey and found him slashing at Soshi with his blades. Kaller rushed over to help the Sky Dragon when he was pushed back by a wall of air.

“You stay out of this!” Koujin snarled.

“Soshi!” called a voice. Toukee was standing on the highest point on the roof, above them, holding a bow. “Take this!” Toukee fired a gleaming silver arrow straight at Koujin, who, preoccupied with Soshi, didn’t notice Toukee. The arrow struck Koujin and vanished, leaving no trace. Koujin clutched his chest where he had been struck. He growled at Toukee, who had already pulled another arrow. Soshi used this distraction to kick Koujin, claws bared. Koujin, seeing how it was three against one, hovered into the air. He glowed a little, then unleashed a swarm of black shadows. Soshi recognized him immediately. They were the same creatures that took him while he was training with the Mushroom Army. He tried blasting them, Toukee tried firing at them, and Kaller tried slashing them with his sword. The numbers seemed endless, and the heroes couldn’t fight Koujin with the distractions; even Toukee was attacked from his vantage point. Soshi knew his chances had just dropped. As he threw off the beasts’ attempts to cling on to him, he knew he had just once chance left. One chance to live.

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Chapter XXV-The Greatest Treasure

“Toukee!” Soshi shouted. “Aim at those wands floating in the air!”

Toukee readied his bow, but the shadow creature onslaught prevented him from getting a shot off. Soshi flew toward the spire Toukee was standing on to hold them off. Meanwhile, Koujin growled and chased after him, but Kaller waved his sword in the villain’s face.

“Oh no, you’re going through me first.” he declared. Kaller rushed at the Dark Lord, slashing past the swarm of dark creatures. Blade drawn, and with a bloodthirsty gleam in his eye, Koujin countered with a slash of his own. The two blades met with a violent clang and locked in place. As the two struggled for the upper hand, Soshi was keeping the area around Toukee clear from the small shadow creatures. He spewed fire, blasted them with his wand, whatever it took to keep them at bay. Toukee was lining up his bow with the floating treasures when he heard a scream; Koujin had defeated Kaller in the exchange. Kaller was on his back, but he got to his feet and dodged the piercing thrust of Koujin’s sword. Toukee fired his bow, and missed his intended target. He was readying another arrow when a firework exploded on the ground below, knocking Koujin off his feet.

“You guys didn’t forget about me, did you?” a figure said as he sailed toward the castle.

“Yoshi!” Soshi called to his friend as the green dinosaur gave a salute, then ordered his troops to fire again.

Toukee fired another arrow and this time hit the Radiant Ruby, which detached from its magical resting place in the sky and started tumbling to the sea below.

“Grab it, Kaller!” Soshi yelled.

“You’ll die before I allow that to happen!” Koujin roared. With an incredible burst of speed unable to detect, he raced toward Kaller with his demonic claws outstretched. With a mighty swing, the Dark Lord tore through Kaller’s flesh, tossing him like a rag doll to the side. Before Soshi could blink, Koujin was upon him and Toukee.

“And you!” Koujin glowered venomously. “You’re the next to die! Your parents were pathetic, as are you!” Soshi barely avoided the lightning-quick attacks from Koujin’s sword. Toukee was not so lucky, however, as Koujin blasted him with magical energy, leaving him limp but still conscious. He had to act now if he were to have a chance. Leaving Toukee behind, Soshi dove for the Ruby. Grabbing it in his hands, he could feel the power rushing towards him.

Yoshi had climbed to the top of the castle via a grappling hook while Koujin was distracted with Toukee, and now stared down the villain with a menacing grin. He was the freshest of all the fighters, and raced toward him with a flurry of kicks. Yoshi had no weapon of his own, and Koujin was having little trouble avoiding him. Meanwhile, Soshi blasted his two wands at the sole remaining treasure: The Sentient Sapphire. The magical power seemed to conduct like electricity, and Soshi could feel both its magic and his own as he tried to claim it. Koujin, seeing this, flew toward Soshi with his claws outstretched.

“Behind you!” Yoshi cried. The Dark Lord simultaneously slashed Soshi with his sword and struck him with his claws, ripping a fatal gash in the dragon’s back. Koujin slashed at the dragon from all sides, tearing away at Soshi’s skin. Yoshi knew there was nothing he could do for the dragon, but couldn’t bear to watch.

But to Koujin’s surprise, Soshi still stood before him. He was wrapped in white light. It seemed that under his own will alone, Soshi had survived, and was still holding onto the treasures.

“I finally understand this power.” Soshi breathed. “It is the same power that helped me on Proartica. You will never understand it, Koujin. For it is the power of life!” Soshi yelled. And as if on his command, the Sapphire broke from its hanging spot and into Soshi’s hands.

“NO!” Koujin cried. Before his eyes, the light shone brighter, and the Dark Lord could not approach. When the light faded, Soshi was no longer holding the three treasures. In their stead was a golden blade that shimmered steadily, even proudly, almost as if to say “I’m invincible”.

Soshi continued “This power was given to me by those who have died for me. My father, and my mother. But the next one to die will not be me, Koujin. It will be you.”

“I’m ready, Soshi.” Yoshi added.

“Stay out of this, Yoshi!” The dinosaur backed down. “This is my fight. Not yours. One of us will die, and it’s not going to be you.”

“But I-”

“Just GO! And take Toukee and Kaller with you!” Soshi knew Koujin had no interest in any of them. They were just obstacles for the Dark Lord to get to him.

As Yoshi departed and left the two of them, Soshi concentrated on his promise. To his parents. To Peach. To Rena. And to all of Plit.

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Chapter XXVI-Victory and Defeat

Soshi was alone. The only thing that stood before him was the dark, menacing creature that had stolen everything from him. Although he had survived Koujin’s power up to this point, it had still left him none the better. He was covered in countless scrapes, cuts and bruises. Blood was oozing out of every crevice in his body, and the rain had long ago seeped into the core of his being. He was quite a pitiful sight, but in his eyes was nothing but sheer determination and perseverance.

He stared down his adversary. Koujin was not the all-powerful, invincible adversary he had once been. It was clear he was fighting at his hardest. Though not quite as bad as Soshi, Koujin was in the worst condition Soshi had ever seen him in. His cloak was ripped to shreds, he was bleeding from places Soshi couldn’t see. The Dark Lord was visibly tired, taking short, even breaths, the long battle having taken its toll on even him. However, he would not rest until every drop of the Sky Dragon’s blood spilled out.

As the lightning crackled and the rain continued to pour, the two adversaries seemed to radiate a power far above that of the elements around them. Soshi gripped his golden sword tightly, trusting in its power. It ended here. It had to end here. There could no longer be pain, torment, and death. Soshi let out a soft growl. Koujin would pay. Though he tried to stop himself, he could feel his thoughts becoming more primal. Reason left him first. Care for his own safety left him. One by one, his rational thoughts disappeared, until all that was left was rage. Koujin kept still, just watching the Sky Dragon. Despite his condition, Koujin had that same, evil gleam in his eye. He let Soshi boil in his own thoughts. He could already see it. Soshi was beginning to bubble over. The dragon would attack soon. And he would be ready.

At once, Soshi charged at Koujin with blinding speed. His blade drawn, he delivered a strike with power unbeknownst to him before. Koujin defended with his own sword. Their blades locked for only a split second before Soshi jumped back. He flew and dove with his sword at Koujin’s head. The Dark Lord diverted the blow to the side and clawed a painful slash to Soshi’s exposed side. However, Soshi barely felt the pain; his entire body had gone numb from blind fury. He sharply spun around, his blade pointed once more at Koujin. The golden light pierced through the darkness as Koujin hopped back to dodge. Soshi kept swinging, his sword quickly becoming a blur. Koujin kept on the defensive, looking for an opening. However, Soshi attacked swiftly, leaving no room for Koujin to even recover from one attack before another was upon him.

Soshi couldn’t keep this up forever, and both he and Koujin knew it. In his desperation, he had attacked without thinking. Koujin was on the defensive now, but as soon as he stopped attacking, even for a split second, Koujin would take the opportunity to regain the upper hand. Even as he thought this, Soshi could feel it. Sheer fatigue was setting in. His strikes were becoming slower and sloppier. He had to fight, though. He could not give up.

Soshi suddenly felt his feet slip out from under him. He fell forward as he tripped, landing face-down and the stony castle roof. Koujin held his sword and delivered a slash to Soshi’s side. Again, the pain meant nothing. Soshi quickly got up and with a look of pure malice in his eyes, charged Koujin once more. Koujin sidestepped the swipe and shot a blast of purple energy at Soshi. The dragon took the blast full-force, the magic enveloping him, shaking his entire body.

“I…will not give up!” he thought to himself. He broke the spell, and to Koujin’s surprise, he managed to cut him straight across the chest. The cut was not deep, but it was long. Soshi reared back and delivered another strike, crossing the first. Koujin fired another blast of energy, but Soshi’s blade began glowing with a pure white light. The attack stunned Soshi for not the slightest bit of time before the Sky Dragon was upon him again. Wide-eyed at this newfound power, Koujin tried everything he could to block Soshi’s relentless attack. With each swing, each attack, the blade glowed in intensity. Koujin’s strikes, while doing physical damage to Soshi’s body, did nothing to his mind at all. Soshi ha turned into a living zombie, unhurt by any attacks on his person, fueled by his rage and malice.

Soshi seemed to disappear and reappear right before Koujin’s eyes. He was moving with blinding speed now, and attacking with blinding precision. Koujin could no longer predict his movements, but he could feel every attack. Each one was bringing him closer to death, and Soshi knew. Koujin could only stand there and watch as he was being ripped apart by Soshi’s blade. Though the castle was stained a dark crimson from his blood, Soshi’s blade remained as pure and white as ever. With a slash to the neck, Koujin fell, gripping his throat. He looked down. There, pierced through his chest, was Soshi’s blade, gleaming white against his pure darkness. As he turned around, he saw Soshi, still gripping the handle. He stared, unblinking, not even breathing, only stared down at Koujin’s crumpled figure with utmost hatred.

“You have lost.” Soshi growled in a powerful, low voice. “Never again will you torment innocents. You are dead, forever to suffer in the depths of hell.”

Koujin couldn’t help but chuckle. A low, raspy chuckle that did not have a fraction of the evil once in him. “So what,” he choked out. “You have won. I still succeeded in taking everything from you. What good is your life in this world? You are still remembered for the demon you are.”

“You have not taken everything.” Soshi said, no trace of emotion in his voice There is one who still lives. And that one is enough. As long as she continues to live, Plit will flourish. You, however, are dead, and I would rather die myself than to see you take another breath.” He finished coldly. With a cry powerful enough to kill a man itself, Soshi pushed the blade deeper and twisted it; like a key to a lock that sealed Koujin’s fate. White light exploded from Koujin’s body, blinding Soshi, washing away all the evil that surrounded him. The clouds dissipated, the rain stopped, the flood receded, and the clear night sky returned. When Soshi’s sight returned, he saw nothing but the castle, clean and polished stone staring at him, as though nothing had ever happened. No trace of battle, not a single drop of blood. Slowly, he fell to his knees, then to all fours, overwhelmed at the magnitude of what he had done, what he had accomplished. He had pulled it together. He had saved Plit.

With a mighty BOOM the castle roof door opened. Soshi barely noticed when multiple figures emerged. At once he looked up and was surrounded by the figures of Kaller, Yoshi, Toukee, and even Princess Peach and Sgt. Strobel.

Soshi’s eyes widened. “You survived? How?” Kaller gave a short laugh. “Never underestimate the power of my crew, Soshi.” He winked. Yoshi, and Sgt. Strobel sat down beside Yoshi, the latter wrapping an arm around him. “Are you all right?” she asked gingerly.

Soshi looked at her and smiled as though it were a joke. It was a sad, lonely smile. He looked down at his battered body. Even as he did so, he felt excruciating pain course through every fiber of his being. He had won, but Koujin’s attacks were finally taking their toll. “No.” he replied. “I’m dead.” The smile remained on his face.

Sgt. Strobel’s eyes widened. “No, you’re not.” She said quickly. “Kaller! Toukee! Go get help! The paramedics! The ER team! Anyone! Just go quickly!” She yelled frantically. As they left, she produced a small spray canister of sterilizing liquid and began spraying it on Soshi’s wounds.

“It’s no use.” Soshi said, putting his hand on hers. “I’m already dead.” He looked at Peach, then at the military officer. “Peach…and Rena-er, Sergeant. Strobel.” He corrected himself. He looked at Yoshi who was silent and looked genuinely worried. “Yoshi. All of you…” he trailed off, before finding his voice again. “Rena, I…” he stopped. He couldn’t say it. Not even now. “Thank you. All of you.” He finished.

Yoshi wasn’t convinced. “No.” He echoed. “We’ll take care of you. You’ll be fine. Just hold on.”

Sgt. Strobel nodded. “And if you’re worried about not having anything to come back to, we can get you a position here, in the military. Why, with what you did, you’ll be a captain in no time!” She laughed a dry, awkward laugh that seemed completely out of place.

Soshi smiled. He knew they were only trying to help, but you can never give help to someone who doesn’t want it.

Kaller and Toukee returned with a handful of Toad paramedics. They tried to lift Soshi off the ground, but Soshi refused to budge. Everyone started to help, but Soshi refused to accept it. He only stared at each and every one of the faces around him. “Thank you.” He repeated. He finally allowed himself to be carried down into the castle after he was sure it would be too late. As the shining walls of Peach’s Castle whirred by him, he couldn’t help but laugh to himself. He had accomplished the impossible, but this was the end. As he was carried out into the night sky once more, as he was being loaded onto the stretcher which was to be his deathbed, he looked again at his friends. “Thank you.” He repeated once more. As he looked into the sky, he could swear he saw a smiling pair of dragons, one white and one red, looking down on him. He closed his eyes and smiled. He would soon see them again.

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As soon as Soshi was admitted to the hospital, surgeons began working on repairing his wounds. They worked long past sunrise, and still his condition never improved. However, with their limited knowledge of the dragon’s physiology, coupled with the dragon’s wounds that were caused by the power of magic, Soshi slowly slipped away. He had not wanted anyone to mourn him yet so many did. He had lived as a scourge, and a terror to the people, but he died a hero to all of Plit. In secret, Soshi’s closest friends, the ones who fought by his side, took his body to Isle Soshi, and threw his body into the bubbling volcano. It is said that a plume of smoke in the shape of the Sky Yoshi appeared before disappearing into the heavens.

Shortly afterwards, Sgt. Strobel stepped down from her military position to pursue a quieter life. She could no longer cope with the death involved. Her icy heart had been thawed by the dragon. She missed him terribly.

Kaller still sails the seas looking for adventure. He has taken an interest in magic, and now values any blessed treasure greatly. Whenever he acquires a new one, his mind flashes back to Soshi, which results in him being absorbed with thoughts for hours, even days at a time.

Toukee continues his rule over Silver Isle, with only his military having a clue as to the events that transpired.

Yoshi continues leading his life on Yoshi’s Island. The others of his race never seem to tire of his story of Soshi and his bravery. The creature they once feared as a scourge suddenly became a hero, and a legend. This legend would be passed on for many generations, carrying out the Sky Dragon’s legacy.

Peach tries to forget everything that happened, and focuses on her domestic leadership. Still, she reminisces from time to time about Soshi, before quickly pushing the thoughts aside. It has not affected her leadership. She refused to let it.

Isle Soshi remains abandoned to this day. Its volcano is dormant, no longer bearing the same threat it once did. Some plans were made to use the island as the site for a new village, but these plans were never carried out. The island remains abandoned as perhaps a tribute to Soshi and his valor. It is said, however, that if one were to sail by the island on a clear, starlit night, one would be able to hear, from the highest cave carved in the side of the volcano, the roar of a dragon as if triumphing over an unseen entity.