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Hello! I know there are more fans of the Paper Mario series out there than just me. Are there any though that would like to help work on a Paper Mario wiki? I am trying to complete a wiki dedicated to the entire Paper Mario series but I need help creating and promoting it!
The site:
It's not great but you can help it become great!
Looking for both members and Organizers!

Next is a new forum dedicated to the series. It does not have much yet but with a flood of fans it can become an awesome forum!
The site:
I am mostly looking for members but also Moderators!

Please check them out! Thanks! :D
Whats the point in just saying no? Really now.. Just don't post if thats all your going to say :P

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Because advertising is not allowed.


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The section is Fan Creation. I'm a fan and I created it so..


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It seems pointless when everything Paper Mario related is covered on the Mario Wiki. :/


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But fo we really need a site just about the Paper mario games?
The stuff would probably be from the Mario Wiki anyways


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I just think it may be hard to get off the ground, and may fail in the end.
I can understand having a Mario RPG forum and wiki but I am mostly only a fan of the Paper Mario series not the other Mario RPGs. Also i am going to be trying to obtain most info on my own through playing so it would be hard for me to get the info from the other games since I do not play them whereas I have completed the Paper Mario series multiple times. I'm going to try not to let this project fall through. I really want to reach many Paper Mario fans as it is my favorite game ever. I need help promoting though and that seems to be the hardest part. Without members a forum falls through. If anyone is even slightly interested, i'd ask that they would come join and check it out. i updated some of the features and it now has a front page of sorts. Here's the link:

There are forums to talk on, a chat system, an arcade, and a few other features. I wish that everyone would check it out even though i understand some will not really be interested! Thanks for taking your time to read this!

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Looks like his forum was removed due to inactivity.

Gee do I feel guilty now

Does that make you happy? lol Really? Woohoo for you sir. :P


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PaperMario said:
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Fine, consider yourself a competitor.

And prepare to be crushed.


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This may have the added benefit of stirring up interest in Xzelion's 'Shroom Spotlight by 200%, so we should be thanking this kind user, rather than ignoring or ridiculing him.

All that aside, I don't really see the need for a separate PM wiki since MarioWiki covers the Paper Mario series quite well.