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Consumers in Japan are the world’s first to experience the next dimension in entertainment

24th February 2011 – Nintendo’s introduction to mass portable entertainment in 3D – without the need for special glasses – will be taking place in Japan this week!

26th February heralds launch day of Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Japanese consumers will become the first in the world to get their hands on and own a Nintendo 3DS and as such Nintendo will be providing media materials to document the launch which will come available to download on 26th February at 4AM CET via the following link:
Username: *CENSOR*
Password: *CENSOR*

Nintendo 3DS will deliver full 3D in the palm of your hands. Packed with features and innovations such as the ability to take 3D photographs using the in built camera’s, a builtin motion sensor and gyro sensor, enhanced social connectivity via StreetPass and SpotPass – which offers new content and allow interaction with other Nintendo 3DS devices.

Nintendo 3DS also features a 3D depth slider which allows people to adjust the degree of autostereoscopic 3D effect they want to experience on the fly; and even turn off to view images in 2D. Those already familiar with the Nintendo DS family of consoles will recognise the dual screen layout, now complemented with a Circle Pad, which provides a full 360 degrees of direction.

Each Nintendo 3DS system comes pre-loaded with a variety of fun games & applications.The Mii Maker™ application gives users new tools to create Mii™ characters even more easily: Users can either wirelessly import Mii characters from their Wii systems or use the camera to take a picture of a person and have an automatic Mii character created.

If you can’t get enough of the 3D experience, Nintendo 3DS comes packaged with six AR Cards which feature mini games and challenges using augumented reality - users shouldn’t be surprised if they see a dragon popping out of their kitchen tables!
Developers can also use this technology to add creative new experiences to their games.

Those in Europe will be able to own Nintendo 3DS for themselves when the device is launched on 25 March 2011.

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