Nintedo's obsession with making new Zelda games the "first" of the timeline?


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Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Minish Cap
Skyward Sword

If I didn't miss any, this is the fourth time they've done this. What do you guys think? Will what little of a timeline they have just keep going further and further back?


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1. Take any preconceptions of a linear time-line and flush them down an airplane toilet.

2. It's most likely to insure that the important events in the story haven't happened yet.


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PokemonMaster said:
Ocarina Of Time
Majora's Mask
Link To The Past
Wind Waker
Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks?
what is this I don't even

The games I listed are games that were the new start of the Zelda timeline when they came out. Majora's Mask obviously can't, as it takes place directly after Ocarina of Time. I'm not even going to touch on the rest of those.

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Timeline? In my Zelda?


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President Iwata said:
Timeline? In my Zelda?
Nintendo recently stated that there is a timeline, if I recall correctly. Yeah, it contradicts Miyamoto said beforehand.