Three Musketeers Fanart/Logo


Quickie-la the Shyguy
First of all, for those of you who don't know, I'm Mason's sister. I'm a bit new and haven't posted much, quite obviously.

Anyways, I decided to fufill his request by doing the logo for The Three Mushketeers.
If you're a part of the picture and I messed up one of your character details, please let me know and I will gladly fix it.
It lacks a background due to the fact that I could not think of one that wouldn't blend with the many colors of the characters.

Thanks for the correction, Iwata.

Gamefreak, correct me if I'm wrong, (I haven't read all of the comics up to date due to a horrible internet connection), but my brother didn't put you on the reference sheets he gave me..
I just followed his instruction. D: My apologies.
Gamefreak75 said:
You forgot to add everyone's favorite villain: me. :(
But my favorite villain was quizmo.
Ah. I think for the logo he only wanted the 3 main characters, the 7 main villians, a weird toad, and a shine sprite.
I may make a request thread though, if you feel left out, Gamefreak!
THAT'S AWESOME, THANKS! Adding it to the page now.

Q: Where's Gamefreak75?
A: He wasn't guarding a Shine Sprite.

Q: Where's QuizmoManiac's nose?
A: His sprite sheet, which was used in the comics, was noseless. I wanted to be consistent.
I love it, but i wouldn't mind a nose.
Yes, I was also my favorite Villian