Your oldest console or handheld (by release date)


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Re: You oldest console or handheld (by release date)

The oldest one I own right now is my Game Boy Color. :l I wish we still had our older ones, but my brother sold them. ;_;


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The oldest console I have (but never played) is the Commodore 64, which is sitting around my basement. The oldest handheld I have is the original Game Boy, which for unknown reasons, no longer works.

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I think there's still a Gameboy classic in my house. I haven't seen it in a while but I don't remember getting rid of it.


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Nintendo 64 in 1997, the year when it came out.


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Gameboy Color :)
Good memories of Pokemon Yellow are in that thing


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My oldest console is an Atari 2600 with a green plastic crate full of games. I'll go ahead and list every single console I own from the oldest release date to the newest release date. This is not the order I received them.

Atari 2600 - 1977
Intellivision II - 1983
Nintendo Entertainment System (three of them) - 1984
Super Nintendo (two of them) - 1990
Nintendo 64 (two of them) - 1996
Gameboy Color - 1998
Gamecube - 2001
DS Lite - 2006

I don't have my two GBASPs or my Wii anymore.

Oh and I decided not to list consoles exclusively owned by my sister, but some that we share are listed.


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Here you go.

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In Summer 2004, I received an N64 from a garage sale. It's my oldest. However, the oldest I got new was the Gamecube which I received at Christmas 2003.
I have a big square console with a joystick that says "PONG" and other things that can't no longer be read. You have to put it on your TV.
And it says: 1980 in the back. That's a really old thing.