Stupid questions, stupid answers.


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User 1 asks a "why" question. user 2 answers it and posts a new question. User 3 answers that question and posts a new. Ready? GO FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!1


Why are waffles so tasty?
Because they have syrup & Butter on them.

Why is Blood+ So pwnsome?
Because, stupid! :P

What is behind shy guys mask?

Whats behind a Goombas face?
Skeleton musceles and organs...
Who is mario's 3rd cousin 358948954 times removed?
The holes in the certain kinds of cheese.

Do you like this song:
Dry Bones said:
I don't know what they are saying so NO :twisted:

What is the meaning of cheese life?

42. Lolz.

Is this sewius:

(It should be why questions, folks.)

Why is that just the way things go in Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalbuquerque?
'Cuz then it'd be all love and happy, and we all know life can't be like that.

Why weren't the Care Bears cancelled after their first show?
Cause I have nothing better to do :lol:

Why did the dinosaurs die?
Because there was a big dangerous deadly period falling from teh sky.

Why are you doing well, I hope?
Cos I'm doing well

What if there were yoshi's