Pay and Play


King Bowser
What do you think of Nintendo's upcoming Pay and Play system?

I think it's not the best idea Nintendo has made, since having to thinking about what to do about paying for the Wi-Fi could get confusing for some people. And the chances of children secretly using Wi-Fi, which just makes the family pay for something they don't even know what it was for.


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They're making you pay to play individual titles online?

That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard.

Edit: Oh, why are these articles so misleading?

It's just DLC.


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DLC = Downloadable Content.


Donkey Kong
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Not much to think about.

About every company and console operates like that now.

The bigger question is, will the dlc be worth the price?

There some companies that charge 40 dollars for costumes in fighting games as actual dlc.

Pretty pathetic, but it exists. Not sure about Nintendo, since they've never really done good at online and who knows how online prices will go.

But we'll see, right?


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They might do either Nintendo Points, or their regional systems, like Europeans will pay with Stars, while Americans will pay with Coins, and Japanese people will pay with Points (I have an account at all 3 of them).


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WFC Pay & Play has been around for a while. It's mainly used for DLC in music-based games, like the Rock Band series (except the Wii version of RB1), or Just Dance 2. You pay in Wii Points (as of now, there are no DS games with this feature). RB/GH songs cost 200 ($2) while JD2 songs cost 300 ($3).

Here is a list of all the games with Pay & Play: